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Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 5 November 2, 2008

Looking back…

Yuuki went with his father and Zero to the Hunters Association headquarters to research of her forgotten past ten years ago.  Browsing on the record, it flared up as if it doesn’t want the details to be known!

Meanwhile, Rido has been revived!  Takuma saw him take over Senri’s body before his very eyes!

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 5: The Subordinate’s Trap ~Trap~

The bloody scary memories haunting Yuuki has become more frequent which made her decide to seek answers from Kaname.  As usual she couldn’t find her words standing up to him that easily yet somehow managed to ask.  However, she received no concrete explanation in the end, instead, Kaname has just confessed his love to her! OMG, Kyaa! ♥  But it wasn’t as effective given Yuuki’s current situation but his message sure did got across.

Ichiru enrolled at the Cross Academy, probably for a mission.  He introduced himself as Zero’s futago or twin but unlike the latter he is more outgoing and approachable in total opposite of Zero who’s detached and always gloomy.

Zero came seeking for Kaname ending up into a heated argument and jostle and finally Zero feeding out of Kaname’s blood! (Why didn’t you say so Zero, it should have been done in a more subtler way! XD)

This episode ends with a jealous Zero as he witness his beloved wrapped on Kaname’s arms! *_*

Random Babblings…

The anime made the scenes lighter than it was in the manga as I usually am saying.  I really sympathize Zero in the manga for he was there all the time accompanying Yuuki while Kaname made his confession and poor guy, what a pained look on his eyes no matter how he’d hid it! I have cried for him that time…

Gah! Yuuki should already make up her mind or else I’ll have all Kaname-sama to myself! :P


3 Responses to “Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 5”

  1. Mo0oNy Says:

    ohhhh .. can I know when will the ep 5 update ?????

  2. Mo0oNy Says:

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaanx 4 ep .. ^^

  3. Denise Says:

    Wow ppl this is the best vamp. anime yet i cant wait 2 see all the episodes but if u cant wait like me lol start reading dat manga oh boy is this thing gonna b good!! lol its a lil confusing if u dont know all the characters or whose who @ least, cuz its all black & white so no hair color or eye color will help u there lol!! but its worth readin so go ahead, go on & get started i<3 VKG!! =]


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