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Shugo Chara: Chapter 34 November 2, 2008

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Click here to read!

Looking back…

The Guardians came looking for Ikuto and found him in a remote Easter studio where Kazuomi with his dark intentions are waiting for them too!

This Chapter

Rima finds out about Nagihiko’s secret as she overheard his conversation with Saeki Nobuko who remembered she was once a girl.

For the first time, Nagihiko’s chara nari can be witnessed in here as he transformed into Beat Jumper with his new egg called Rizumu or Rhythm.  Rima seemed to have been amazed by him. There was a need for him to call on Temari and he again tranformed into Yamato Mai Hime (I like this one in the soundtrack) amazing Rima more.  Combining powers with her they defeated three X-Charas using the Queens’ Waltz!

Ikuto, however, was forced by that evil Kazuomi to play and play his violin though it’s as if he can no longer take it.  And while Amu and the guardians finally reached the the top of the transmitter tower, they were greeted by a hideous monster form!

Random Babblings…

Got a preview of the chapter so far but I’m sure I can find the whole bunch of raws soon.

Rima and Nagi do look good together!  Nagi’s amazing too for he is capable of doing chara nari twice!  I thought he wasn’t able to summon Temari in the earlier chapters reason why she hid back in her egg but it was surprising when she came to transform with him into Yamato Mai Hime.

I have a feeling that hideous thing was Ikuto and that maybe is the effect of too much X-egg energy?!


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