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Shugo Chara: Chapter 33 November 2, 2008

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Click here to read!

Looking back…

Ikuto’s painful past was revealed, the matter that Tadase has long kept silent about.

This Chapter…

The Guardians worked their way to find and save Ikuto.  They sought information from the First King and ended up getting nothing but found out that Ikuto had been with him from the time he left Tadase’s home before.

Now with Nikaido sensei, they search through Easter’s properties but to no avail.  Ikuto wasn’t anywhere near but luckily they found him in the last location. Saeki Nobuko saved them from being thrown out of the studio once again after a few attempts to allw passage into the building.  Thanks to her they could now catch up with Ikuto whose presence can be clearly felt by Yoru.

Kazuomi devised Ikuto and his violin so he could gather more and nore X-eggs and plans on using the Guardians as well for only when the eggs are being purified, the embryo shows itself.

Random Babblings…

I haven’t mentioned a while back but I found that maze thing when they went to seek from Tsukasa some clues about Ikuto kind of turn off.  A simple door is enough, hello!  There’s not much to babble in here but I’m quite concerned about Ikuto.  If that pitch-fork like thing would be destroyed, will it save him?  So why not aim for it Guardians?!


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