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Shugo Chara: Chapter 31 November 2, 2008

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Looking back…

Ikuto was captured by Easter and Yoru came to Amu for help!

This Chapter…

Amu somehow felt the weight of responsibility upon her that she went all emotional after hearing the bad news about Ikuto!  I’m not so sure who was that little boy that has been taking scene as of late and he can see the charas too!  Maybe he’s got an important role to play in the future.  might it be that he’s the owner of the embryo?

Kukai, on his way home bumped into Tadase and brought him to his place.  We found out that he had four brothers and we’ve had a glimpse of his past life and how he came to love soccer.  Tadase admitted that he still cares about Ikuto no matter how he’d turned out.

At the old carnival where Ikuto took Amu for a date, she found him holding a black egg and eventually transformed into Death Rebel.  He fought with Amu totally clueless of what he’s doing then Tadase came to augment.  Tadase tried to talk him out of trance and it seemed that Ikuto responded causing him pain.  Easter took him away and the embryo appeared.

Random Babblings…

This is getting worse, so Ikuto now is spelled as Enemy!  I hope Amu could do something about that.  It’s a pity that he has to go through this when his only wish is to be free! :(  It’s all Tadase’s mom’s fault!  See next chapter to find out.


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  1. Sumilya Says:

    I love Shugo Chara!!

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