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Shugo Chara: Chapter 30 November 2, 2008

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Looking back…

Something weird is happening to Ikuto!  He was like in a trance himself at the soundwave given off by a device at Easter!

This Chapter…

Amu wakes up still finding Ikuto at her side.  Well, he seemed to be behaving himself properly but absolutely what a cute couple they’ll make in the future!!  She poked at him and noticed his bruised arm peeking out from his torn cloth but instead of worrying she remembered her walk with Tadase the day before! My, Amu-chi! :_ /

Nagi came to the Royal Garden and met Yaya and Rima there. Rima seemed to be suspicious of him and is quite jealous of Amu’s attention to him.  Ah! Nagi pushed his hair up and put on a barrette of some kind similar to that of Amu’s!  Must be a gift from her to him as Nadeshiko before, I wonder…

Back at home, the hiding Ikuto was busted by Amu’s mother!  She gave both of them a lecture but offered to help Ikuto in the end.  However, Tadase came again and Ikuto jested at his love confession which made the other poor guy flee.  Amu got irritated at him and threw him out only to be caught by the Easter people.  Yoru has gotten away and sought for Amu’s help for Ikuto’s life is at great risk!

Random Babblings…

Ikuto has been a jerk alright but Yoru knows he just don’t want Amu to be sad since he’s leaving and must he have been sensing his doom?  That evil Kazuomi!  Grrr!

I was surprise I wasn’t mad at Ikuto when he did that poking fun thing coz I don’t like Tadase in the first place.  I took it as leave-my-possession-alone attitude which Amu should have noticed.  Is she rather being polite or she just love both attentions like a two-timer?  Make up your mind girly, will ‘ya?


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