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Shugo Chara: Chapter 28 November 2, 2008

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Click here to read!

Looking back…

Nadeshiko’s back now as Nagihiko and Amu was in utter shock to find Ikuto atop her bed!

This Chapter…

Ikuto seemed to have stayed at Amu’s room for a night or two and the cuddling and the snuggling and the teasing continues! *Moe*

Hmm… Amu seemed to have gotten used sleeping with Ikuto then! She could have him sleep on the floor right? It means she must have liked Ikuto’s teasing as well! XD

Spoiling the moment, Tadase came to Amu’s house making her father freak out in total opposite of her mom who seemed to have approved of someone eyeing her daughter particularly that Tadase is one pretty boy.  Ami seemed really at home with the Guardians isn’t she?

Amu hid Ikuto in her closet and entertained Tadase in her room.  I’m freaking out as well as he confesses to Amu that he is in love with her and asked if she could return it back.  Uggh! It took him some courage for he isn’t character changing but uknown to him Ikuto heard everything and playfully confronted Amu about it later.  This was the second time Amu received a confession and Ikuto too said that the someone he likes is her but since he always teases her and not knowing when is he serious she didn’t count it as another.

She got pissed off with Ikuto treating her like a kid and she insisted that she’ll be in middle school soon.  Heh, is she suggesting something for Ikuto to wait for her too?  Sweet moments!

Random Babblings…

Amu’s so lucky to have everyone seemed interested in her especially with a hot guy like Ikuto.  I also wanted to see some progress between her and Nagi but I guess they really weren’t meant for each other and the Rima-Nagi tandem is much cooler!  And besides, there already is Ikuto for her!  Poor Tadase, he’ll end up wearing his heart on his sleeve! :P


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