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Shugo Chara: Chapter 27 November 2, 2008

Click here to read!

Click here to read!


I was kinda moved by Shugo Chara!! Doki’s 56th episode where Nagihiko came back!  As I was saying it has kept up with the recent manga releases and motivated, I am posting the raws from now on.

Note that the latest scanlations available covers only until the 6th volume, Chapter 26 to be exact and could be read directly at Mangafox.  While I have had the opportunity to grab some raws, then wouldn’t it be awesome if I have those shared here?  >_*

The links to this post will automatically updated as I usually do as soon as these pretty chapters goes scanlated in the near future!

Let me start from the chapter closest to the latest anime release!

Chapter 27…

To Kukai’s surprise he lets out a big scream as he learned of Nadeshiko’s secret, she’s actually is a he!  Kukai’s reaction was irreplaceable but now he, Tadase and the Interim King knows the secret. His voice must have resounded all over the place and Amu went rushing towards the Academy from the snowy school ground where she baby sit with Ami and a sweet surprise greeted her!

Nagihiko in his real image returned for the winter break alone from his Europe training and is eventually offered the Jack’s chair as it have been vacated by Kairi.  And so, Amu met him thinking he really was Nadeshiko’s twin brother!  The secret almost leaked out when Kukai wasn’t able to hold himself back if not for Tadase’s quick reflex introducing him as the new Jack’s chair.

Ikuto’s violin had been taken away by Kazuomi in the earlier chapter and as what we have seen in the anime but he managed to take it back with Yoru’s help.  Was it the violin or the Dumpty Key’s doing, I’m not so sure but the violin case had lit up and before Amu knew, she found a big, handsome stray cat right on her bed!♥

Random Babblings…

This really is a very good chapter with Nagihiko coming back and Ikuto!  Kyaa!!  Hmm…Amu and Ikuto, what the hell is happening?!  *ehehe*


2 Responses to “Shugo Chara: Chapter 27”

  1. aru Says:

    thanks…i can’t find the raw anywhere.
    one of the best chapters ever! (even tho my friends spoiled it for me)

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