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xxxHOLiC: Chapter 168 October 30, 2008

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Looking back…

Yuuko was scouring on the mountain of treasures in her storage, all stocked for that most anticipated day to come.

We learned of Watanuki’s parents’ death and the reality of the existence, he and Syaoran shares!

This Chapter…

Yuuko continues her monologue now on the connections of the mishaps occurring to both Watanuki and Syaoran!

When Syaoran was badly hurt in the battle with his clone in Tokyo it was revealed that it is almost the same time when Watanuki took a fall from the upper level of the school building that almost caused his life due to that little tap on the back by Himawari.

It seems that the two Mokonas were made especially for the two of them, the White one for Syaoran and the Black one’s for Watanuki.

Random Babblings…

A theory just came to me about why Watanuki is no longer wearing glasses after his accident.  Syaoran has regained his other eye from the clone at the cost of Fai’s.  Maybe those glasses symbolizes something that compensates to what was missing from a body part particularly Syaoran’s and that loss affected Watanuki unconsciously as well.

I figured that out during the introduction back then revealing that Watanuki shares the same existence as Syaoran and our Wata doesn’t wear glasses back at that time.  Now that Syaoran regained his other eye so glasses are of no use to Watanuki the same! XD


13 Responses to “xxxHOLiC: Chapter 168”

  1. Schubert Says:

    Thanks for the RAW and your thoughts.

    The connection is similar to twins. Since W & S are the same being split in two, if one dies will the other follow?We now know that if S is hurt W suffers as well, albiet, in a different way. Would the reverse apply? I don’t read TC (I will have to start) but when W was drained by the female ghost did S have something happen to him?

    Right now I have more questions then answers.^_^

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I don’t know either what occurred when Watanuki had an encounter with that ghost, on Syaoran’s side at least.

    It’s a wise choice to read both TRC & Holic since they’re intertwined for now…and CCS, X and so forth if you really want to understand fully well the crossovers. :)

    I also thought the same as you that finally were getting some answers but in the end CLAMP left us with more cliffhangers!

    Thanks for dropping by! XD

  3. Schubert Says:

    I just read the translated ch. wth? W tried to commit ____ when S was badly hurt while fighting his clone. To erase his self/exsistence by merging two back to one. That explains A LOT and I don’t think it boded well for W.

    CLAMP *pulls hair out* so frustrating.

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    That’s right it is frustrating. We all thought the accident was Himawari’s fault and now why this? And that poor girl thinks she really is the bad luck for Watanuki! ;{

  5. Fairchild_13 Says:

    That’s right it is frustrating. We all thought the accident was Himawari’s fault and now why this? And that poor girl thinks she really is the bad luck for Watanuki when it wasn’t! ;{

  6. Schubert Says:

    I have to say I think she WAS bad luck to W after all when he was with her something bad always seemed to happen. One ex. -the dental assistant who was hit by the car. Yuko even said if he had NOT been with her he wouldn’t have seen it.

  7. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yes, there are many instances indeed or else there’ll be no need for Tanpopo right? Pi! XD

  8. Schubert Says:

    LOL. Pi! indeed that bird had to be one of the cutest manga animals.

  9. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Speaking of which, I was kinda scared anticipating what would Watanuki’s egg turn out had he been a different person but it’s a good grief that it’s only cute Pi!

    When will we know what would the other egg hatch into, the ones at Doumeki’s possession and how will it be of help to Syaoran?

  10. Schubert Says:

    I don’t think the second non-magical egg will be of use to S. I think it will be needed for something that happens to W. Since Doumeki can repel evil and it’s in his possession (?????) I am clueless on how CLAMP is going to tie that 2nd egg into the picture.

    I am really going to be be pi–ed if it turns out to be something super simple and I didn’t think of it.>.<

  11. Fairchild_13 Says:

    For now, all we can do is wait and be on look out for more developments. But wait, was that cooking client arc already buried? It left us hanging the last time.

  12. Schubert Says:

    It can’t be buried because a big point was brought up about D and how he only ate food that was (pure?) She also has to be important to the plot because D asked Mokono if it was alright for W to be there by himself and was told it was required.

    I have no idea where this whole arc is going but am eager to find out.

  13. Fairchild_13 Says:

    me too I’m starting to get impatient. CLAMP really should put a closure to it and get moving! :)

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