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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 203 October 30, 2008

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Looking back…

Syaoran was taken into Fei Wong Reed’s custody as payment for the wish he’d made while Watanuki opens his eyes for the first time and that scene became the first thing he ever saw.

This Chapter…

At the ruins, Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona were there… figuring out how their fates had been woven for the fulfillment of FWR’s one selfish wish.

Fai, rather Yui still carries the guilt of what had happened between him and his twin Fai.  Kurogane’s mom was killed under his watch and so is his father in battle with the monsters leaving him all alone and outraged!  Syaoran knew of this and it was all that evil FWR’s doing as a part of his master plan.

Partly, Syaoran felt responsible for all these.  Hadn’t he committed a taboo in order to save an important person, he thought that it might have been the other way around, that Fai might not have been born with a twin and Kurogane’s parents might not have died at all.

Ouch! and Kurogane punched him! Why Daddy?! But Mother Fai is so understanding consoling little Syaoran like that. After Syaoran’s revelations, now they have more reason to chase after FWR!

Random Babblings…

Fai’s story is the most tragic of all three, I cried really well remembering those earlier chapters I’ve read.  Despite those happy smiles there’s a vast amount of pain and guilt he carries with him and I was so glad there had been a closure to his story at the cost of Kurogane’s arm.  While we have known how did our tough guy Kurogane became like that is because he was forced into the situation like everyone else.

I wasn’t convinced of the reason before why the others agreed into accompanying Syaoran into FWR’s lair aside from rescuing Sakura and now that they have put the pieces together, no matter how painful it is, they now have the solid cause to get back at that three-eyed monster!

Mokona Modoki’s always so sweet and sensitive!


17 Responses to “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 203”

  1. Reni Says:

    So, no new development. But that being the case, next chapter’s going to be something to look forward to, it seems.

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I’m afraid there’s none so far…CLAMPs so caught up with revelations and cooks up more riddles getting us wounded up once again!

    But I guess they’ve been doing this, beating ’round the bush since the whole series and the Holic as well might be wrapped up by April ’09? Not so sure though, but that’s what I heard.

    I’d like now to see some action such as those people barging in by FWR’s door and get some sense into him! XD

  3. Schubert Says:

    I haven’t read this whole series in fact only the last four chapters. But, after the revelation that time was stopped because S decided to save one person and there is a chance that all the horrible stuff that happened to you and yours was probably due to me *oops-I feel really guilty* and my choice. Where is the resentment? Even if I understood the decision I would still question the outcome,and I find it weird that there is no anger only acceptence from his compainions.

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I guess those two, Fai and Kurogane have had enough of those torments. They all have their chapters dedicated to them if you’ll do some back-reading and those were heart-wrenching which I thought before I can’t read no more…but I still did! :P

    It would a lot better I agree if CLAMP had some clashing between the small group but so far there’s none. But what could probably happen if that’s the case?

    I’m looking forward to some new action the next chapter or will they grow leaves while still rooted at the ruins? I hope to see a new setting for all these chapters art-wise were quite a bore!

  5. Schubert Says:

    If fighting between them did occur, I think time would probably splinter even more then it has started to in Holic. Expecting them to hold a grudge was stupid on my part, simply b/c they are what keeps him gounded.

    I keep saying I need to read this manga now I am going to shut my mouth and do it.^ ^

    Off Topic: What happened to Maru and Moro? They were soulless solid children (old mages?) and now they are invisible talking smoke. Weird…..

  6. Fairchild_13 Says:

    You’ve got a point. I just remembered Yuuko conversing with Watanuki thru one them but they were pretty solid then except that they can’t touch the Mokonas and can’t cross the borders from the shop to the outside world.

  7. Schubert Says:

    It happens in ch. 168. Both of the M’s are talking to Yuko but their bodies have disappeared.

  8. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Ah yes, that one! :) I wonder…

  9. Schubert Says:

    I just finished reading up on TRC and WOW. It was as heartbreaking as you said about Fai and Kurogane’s past.

    I know you really felt for Fai and his past was horrible but when I read Kurogane’s story *sob,sob,sob* that was the most painful for me.

    How horrible to see your mom murdered in front of you eyes then turn around and see your dads sword arm ate >crunch-crunch < the sword still in hand ;letting you know dad is dead too.

    What is interesting to me is-it is forbiddent to bring someone back from the dead and someone who is meant/will die. FWR wants to bring someone back from the dead and S want to save someone from certain death. I understand FWR’s reason for wanting S to achieve his wish b/c in the end it helps FWR gain his wish.

    But,why did Yuko allow the wish to happen? She told S it was taboo but then allowed FWR to grant it even though she IS a very powerful witch and I think could have stopped it. I am sure she saw the consequences. Maybe she didn’t interfer b/c no price had been paid to her?

  10. Fairchild_13 Says:

    sorry to hear ’bout your Dad Schubert-chan…

    that was fast, all of it? clow and yuuko had been anticipating for this to happen that’s why the two mokonas were made, her shop and the meetings were made to happen. syaoran’s wish is considered a taboo though at this circumstance FWR was the one who granted Syaoran’s wish because he forced Syaoran to do so.

    though Yuuko couldn’t deny any wish made since she exist to grant wishes at a price but Syaoran wasn’t able to say his wish to her directly. she have only had an intervention because Mom Sakura must have foreseen what’s to happen and wanted neither him and Watanuki to vanish at the cost of her star wand.

    kuro-pi’s story is indeed heart-breaking, i agree. :_{

  11. Schubert Says:

    That’s a good point regarding W and S’s mom I forgot about her since she’s dead. Do you think the day will come when the photograph revealing the parents will be shown?

    Another point you brought up was Yuko. Your right even if the wish will hurt the client she will still take payment.

    Both series are about how choices change the future: it’s interesting that the shop was created (as you wrote) for a future event as were the mokona’s that obviously no choice has or will change.So the key word Hitsuzen comes once more into play -inevitable-

    Re: -chan isn’t this used for children and the elderly?

  12. Fairchild_13 Says:

    -chan… yes it is, but that’s not all. it could either be used as an endearment mostly towards girls, and cuteness… uhm, I haven’t mistaken you right? :D

    It’s not just that pic which was shown faceless, Syaoran’s father too…CCS’ Dad Shaoran’s face was hidden too! :( I so love to see those two grown up, they’re my all time favorite pair! ^^

    I think I do have a theory. CLAMP maintains a style leaving the audiences hanging with questions but actually the answer has already been given at the start of the story. xxxHOLiC already gave hints on the first chapter and Tsubasa had the twist right on the first chapter too, right?

  13. Schubert Says:

    Nope, no mistake. I have the dips and bumps associated with a girl. ^ ^

    I haven’t read CCS nor will I (no interest in magical cards.)

    Re: CLAMP you have a very good point. In the beggining of Holic I always wondered how the other world knew everything about W and how he wasn’t supposed to be there. TRC I don’t recall that ref. but Holic is the manga that I LOVE so that’s not surprising. (^0^)

  14. Fairchild_13 Says:

    haha you’re funny! I like ‘ya! XD

  15. Schubert Says:

    Back at ya…@(*0*)@

  16. Fairchild_13 Says:

    the S clone is back! see you at the 204th! \^o^/

  17. ichigo Says:

    hi there!!!

    im a new member who wants join with this site!!!

    actually i like anime at all!!!

    lets be tomodachi???

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