Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Fairy Tail: Chapter 109 October 28, 2008

FT 109

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Luxus’ Fight festival began turning Fairy and Fairy against each other!

With Erza and the others’ lives at stake, Natsu and Makarov were trapped in the magic barrier set up by Fried! Oh no! O,O;

This Chapter…

Miss Fairy Tail Contest is open for public voting! (contest still on-going? ^^;) Lucky five voters will be  receiving a signed illustration of the character they voted for with deadline on the 5th of November. So, care to join?

The Raijinshuu are really powerful people taking many against one! Cool!

Reedus got intercepted by Fried before he could seek help from that old witch in the Eastern Forest that Erza and the others could be revived from petrification!  But what’s with Fried taking on against someone who’s weak and I guess not much worth of the time?! Poor Elfman his power couldn’t go up against Evergreen’s stone turning gaze!

Only 41 members are still left standing! (At least that’s what I get.)

Random Babblings…

Evergreen’s and Fried’s powers are magnificent. They don’t sweat it and fights with poise! *-*  Is the battle gonna be with Bixlow and Grey? That’s not what I’m hoping for! :{

Fight matches I want to see:

  • Fried vs. Grey
  • Natsu vs. Luxus
  • Erza vs. Evergreen

I don’t care who Bixlow’s gonna be up against with, he’s not to my liking! :P

But…are Natsu and Makarov really that hopeless and would continue to do nothing? Natsu, come on!


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