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Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 4 October 27, 2008

Looking back…

Hanabusa secluded himself from the rest of the Night Class refusing to spend vacation at home with them, plotted his mini-runaway scheme and ended up pestering Yuuki and Zero. Yuuki with her growing anxiety towards uncertainty thinks of accepting Kaname’s offer to be a vampire which Zero dissed right away and vowed he’d never let her even if he would make Kaname his enemy and Yuuki should she hate him.

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Episode 4: The Devil’s Quickening ~Libido~


This Episode…

Senri went to see his father whom he thought was long dead for the first time and Seiren, Kaname’s self-imposed bodyguard came and brought the news of Rido’s awakening.

Whenever Yuuki tried remembering the past it only would result into a bloody vision haunting her.  Determined, with Kaien, Yagari and Zero they headed for the Hunters Association headquarters to seek for clues about her past. Digging up at the records Yuuki discovered Kaien was once a ferocious vampire hunter himself and when she laid eyes on that page containing the data from that snowy day ten years ago, it burned as if it doesn’t want to be known.

Locking up in her room while trying to figure things out, Zero came to feed? Well, at least he openly swore allegiance to Yuuki with his remaining wasted life.

The Night Class returned to the Academy after the break and Kaname brought Yuuki a present, a rose which blooms only every ten years preserved in resin for her and a cursed doll for Zero which was rejected right away.

Takuma went to visit his grandfather and was shocked to see Rido, probably now in Senri’s body.

Random Babblings…

That giving of presents thing when in the manga is a lot more funny.  Zero had stepped on it and said it was good at relieving stress! XD

So far with the fast pacing of the story, I think most details were left out when compared to the manga.  I guess it started with Chapter 27 and so forth.  It felt like they’re making the gothic story more lighter here in the anime?


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