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Shugo Chara!! Doki [55] October 25, 2008

Looking back…

Lastly on Episode 54: Amu rescued Manami’s dream to become an excellent florist someday.  Lulu however managed to turn Manami’s egg into a wishing egg which gave way for her to transform into Flower Dream.  Amu’s Humpty Lock powered-up pom-poms enabled her to purify her new friend’s egg.  New transformation sequences for Amulet Heart!

This Episode...

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 55: Put the Heart of the Song on Wings!

At Easter after the presentation meet, Lulu tried to get along with Ikuto by offering him a handshake which was openly rejected.

Amu met at the grocery store a Hoshina Utau fan and finds herself caught up in a promise to have the two, Hitomi and Utau meet in person. After seeking help from Utau’s manager and was declined of her request she met the person downstairs as if by coincidence.

While at a refreshment the Guardians sensed a wishing egg and Utau was left no choice but to follow.  Hitomi who sings like Utau after Lulu’s manipulation, cast the people nearby in a deep sleep and everyone else who hears her singing including some of the charas except Miki and Eru.  Transforming into Singing Dream, Hitomi battled against Amu’s Amulet Spade which is no match for her.  Again a new power-up happened and Amu’s Colorful Canvas turned into Music Prism which eventually worked.  Utau tranformed herself into Seraphic Charm and her Angel Cradle turned Hitomi’s wishing egg into an X egg which Amu finished off purifying.

Ikuto has has gone missing when the Embryo appeared, only to find out when he reached home that his violin was missing and probably was taken by Kazoumi who’s vehicle was seen leaving from his residence.

Random Babblings…

It is a relief that Ikuto has no interest with the new girl Lulu and speaking of her, I haven’t seen her in the classroom yet!

Though I like the new transformation sequences being shown each new episode, how I wish there could be some new additions to Amu’s garments.  This is already second season you know…

Poor Ikuto his going against Easter is costing him too much. His freedom has long been curtailed and now his only precious thing, his violin was taken?!

Nadeshiko is back as Nagehiko! Wai, I’m so looking forward to it! Are we going to see his cool new chara? All that in the next episode!


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