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Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 65 October 25, 2008

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Click here to read!

Looking back…

Due to mistaken identity Haruhi was kidnapped by a bunch of idiot guys who worked for a closed down laundromat formerly affiliated with the Suoh’s Company. Hikaru’s provocation for Tamaki to realize his feelings towards Haruhi seemed to have been working really well and its radiating through our little heroine by means of the ootoro ring!  Because of that kidnapping incident, Tamaki’s chances of moving in to the main residence with his grandma looks very promising!

This Chapter…

Tamaki’s chivalry continues as he saves a lady schoolmate called Megumi from being trampled upon by a whining horse during the club activity’s horseback riding lessons at the cost of his own body.  Grateful, the lady did as much as she can to return the favor and eventually found herself falling for him.

Tamaki trying to figure out his feelings seemed to be lost in his deep thoughts casting the zesty character of him aside.  He started out giving attention to that damsel in distress making Haruhi unawarely jealous!  Cute!^^

Random Babblings…

That girl! She looks like Haruhi, the female version though!  Maybe that’s why Tamaki felt comfortable with her in the first place and nothing more!  She just keep pushing herself to him though it’s impossible.  I like the recent developments in this chapter since Haruhi is gradually realizing her own feelings towards Tamaki as well.

For someone in love, it hurts to hear from that special someone that you are different from each other though it’s only meant as a meaningless remark and I guess that probably what Haruhi felt when Tamaki did that.

And that girl, what a nerve to have confessed like that? As if Tamaki would buy it…b-but what if he does when she’s the Haruhi of his dreams?  Poor (real) Haruhi! *huhu*


15 Responses to “Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 65”

  1. Nande0nande Says:

    NOO!! I dont like that girl at all. The ending made me kinda cry even thou I can’t read it >.< *sniff*

  2. […] Fairchild ,another WordPress web blogger, has posted the Raw version of chapter 65. You can read it here! […]

  3. Fairchild_13 Says:

    on the other hand, we can’t definitely blame the girl if we’re in her place, who wouldn’t fall for Tamaki? if all those idiot rich girls goes kya! kya! everytime, how much more if he was your knight in shinning armor?!
    but i guess she’ll be pitiable in the end since Tamaki is only meant for Haruhi! :P


    Awww….will anyone ever translate this? *sniffle*

  5. Fairchild_13 Says:

    unfortunately, we have to wait for someone to do that and I wonder why its taking so long but as always let’s be patient for we’re all at the scanlators’ mercy. :)

    can read a little of these but I’m not that confident with my Japanese at this rate…I’m still a stud and sucks at reading the characters! :(

  6. mysticalmists Says:

    NOOO!! Tamaki!!!
    Argh!! Need translation of this chapter!!!
    Thanks for putting this up though, Fairchild :)
    Hope it comes out soon!!!

  7. Fairchild_13 Says:

    definitely will update this post soon as scanlations are out! XD

  8. COOKIE Says:

    Can anybody help me find the translated version please!!!!!?
    its been over a week and i haven’t been able to find it T_T

  9. Fairchild_13 Says:

    raws are hard to find and scanlators are not that many. since there’s a huge gap between chapter releases, have all those who came to love Ouran before lost their patience and grew tired and weary from waiting, I wonder?

  10. Fairchild_13 Says:

    finally this chapter has been scanlated! XD

  11. nande0nande Says:

    BANZAI! it has been translated! Sad ending, *sniff*

  12. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yes I agree with you, it’s kinda heart-breaking and it all depends on Tamaki now if he’ll accept that Megumi girl that is… :{{

  13. Rachael Says:

    Hehehe Dont you worry darlin. Bisco Hatori just added Megumi in to keep the series running because its so damn obvious to readers that Tamaki and Haruhi will be together in the end…It would be absolutely stupid if she put Tamaki with Megumi, Megumi hasnt been in Ouran enough to even be considered a pairing character. And think about it if Tamaki does go out with her they will ABSOLUTELY break up because he will stop being an idiot and realise what huge mistake he’s done, think about it how’s Tamaki gonna react when he finds out that he broke Haruhi’s heart and she never wants to have anything to do with him or the host club anymore…i dont think it’d be very good would it? besides…Tamaki has had so many wonderful experieces with Haruhi…he’s not that stupid to just throw them all away…dont worry darl TAMAHARU WILL HAPPEN!!!!!

  14. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I have the feeling it would turn out that way but don’t you think the plot is that predictable? It’s kinda usual but then I’m happy either way. I wanted the both of them to realize how important are they to each other and all it takes is some Megumi to ring the bell. We should thank her instead! XD

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