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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 43 October 25, 2008

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Looking back…

God of the Winds Bi Ryeom after coming to the Water Palace to collect his reward from Habaek for the favor he and Soah owed him for their passage home from the West Side forest, came face to face with Mura once again whom he was witness to her impossible and unfortunate love for the Water God.

Soah found Mui wating for her in her chamber and he made her promise to trust him no matter what happens from that time on.  Then came Yeowha (Nakbin), who threatens to divulge Mui’s secret for coming out only at night!

This Chapter…

Mui was caught in the middle because of Nakbin’s unwelcomed interference with his moment with Soah and was kept still as if he was anticipating his deepest secret to be revealed in that manner by that foxy lady.  However, she did not and made up her story diverting from the issue.  She also made Soah feel bad accusing her naivete as a tool to grab hold of both Mui and Habaek at the same time.

Soah now suspects the connection between Habaek and Mui but she was so scared to know the truth but she found herself asking Mui his whereabouts during daytime and Nakbin answered for him which makes the poor girl fled hurting.  Habaek violently pinned Nakbin to the wall and warned her never to cross his line again and that provoking Soah is as good as provking his wrath as well, that she vowed to get back at him.

Nakbin tricked the Water God using Mura’s potent herb scent which would make him fall in love with the first person he sees when he wakes up.  Soah then received an unsigned note bearing just the time and place only to find out to her dismay both Nakbin and Mui there in an unsightly scene!

Random Babblings…

Nakbin, that scheming witch! I could crush her! She doesn’t truly love Habaek by the way and what price is she going to get if he could kill Habaek?  I just hope Soah would take Mui’s word to trust him.

Bi Ryeom I suspect is not just there to collect his reward but Habaek might find him useful as he had promised Mura before to help the Water God as she’d help him.  I think he wasn’t at the Emperor’s side and maybe he sees himself in Habaek’s situation before that he wanted to be of aid to him to go even against the Emperor but for a cost he only can determine.

Does the Emperor like Soah that much or is he just toying with Habaek and what happened back then which caused the curse upon him? What more horrendous things would happen next?  Will Habaek totally forget Soah and send her back home once again?


4 Responses to “Bride of the Water God: Chapter 43”

  1. Schubert Says:

    I stopped reading this manwha when onemanga had to stop distrubting it, but, the artwork is indescribable. The story was fresh and the artwork inventive. Okay I did use one description.^^ I have added it to my wish list at Amazon for a latter purchase.

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Too bad I only have two volumes so far and I’m so gonna get the entire lot should they become available! For now we’re at the scanlators’ mercy but it’s better than none. :(

    I think I’m in love with Mui! Move over Soah! XD

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