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Vampire Knight: Chapter 44 October 23, 2008

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Looking back…

The last time we left off is when Kaname took care of those pesky Vampire High Council members and hunting down Ichiou himself but in the end left Takuma to settle the dues.  It seemed like Rido’s arc ended in the previous chapter and we were then confronted with the conflict between Zero and Yuuki!

This Chapter…

There’s not much to summarize in this chapter for it merely is comprised with Zero’s flashbacks.  Anyways, just a bit.

Kaname in the start of the chapter uttered enigmatic lines once again and I am not certain so far for whom would that be, Zero, Yuuki?

Undeniably, Zero couldn’t easily shake off his past involving Yuuki.  Now as he points the Bloody Rose towards her, he kept on recalling how his life became entangled with that innocent young girl whom he holds special feelings for.

We all know for a fact that he despised vampires much to the point that he wanted to end his ordeal for there’s no difference from them now as he manifested to become one.  He is indebted to a vampire with his life salvaging him before he totally had succumbed to the Level E and the shock of finding out sweet Yuuki who turned out to be a real pureblood vampire under circumstances.

Zero’s feelings are mixed up leaving him a heavy burden in his heart and the guilt that holds him back. I’m not so sure if he really intended to finish Yuuki off but he would have liked her to do the favor for him.  He must have second thoughts seeing Yuuki’s no different than when she was just an ordinary human with that of her sincere and unwavering gaze.

Random Babblings…

Poor Zero, I know how hard he might have felt.  Yuuki was the only reason he continued to survive and how harsh the truth is that he lived and let lived by and for an enemy!

On the lighter side, this chapter relives Zero’s true feelings for Yuuki, he was indeed jealous of Yuuki’s affection towards Kaname.  I was so touched to realize the fact that Yuuki became so sweet and caring because of Kaname as he taught her and there she was radiating those teachings to Zero who turned out being moved unknowingly. XD  This was the side of Yuuki I’ve been wanting to see and I got it! Now, I have learned to appreciate more her character.

This chapter also reminded me how painful Zero must have felt when he was witnessing Yuuki declared his love for Kaname in the earlier chapters! Zero, here, share my tissue! *sniff*


9 Responses to “Vampire Knight: Chapter 44”

  1. Catherine.Wood Says:

    wow, I can’t wait to read this chapter……

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    its now available just click on the image above and start reading! XD

  3. Schubert Says:

    Are you at all confused by this manga? I like the story and think I’m following it, only to be blindsided by some sentence or frame that makes NO sense to what I had just read. It’s not a brainteaser like Holic but still, don’t go from z-b it makes my head hurt.
    This chapter was sweet.I don’t know how I would feel if the person I loved not only DIDN’T love me in the same way but became aware of human emotions from a vampire.*Irony*

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I think it has something to do with the translations though I really appreciate those people’s effort, however, I’ve been collecting a few good titles in English and I was so shocked when I found that there are differences translations per se.

    The only thing I want to complain with this series is how easily Rido was beaten, wasn’t he the the arch-enemy?

  5. Schubert Says:

    RE:Translations I agree. I appreciate that it is for fans from fans but sometimes I wish quality was put before quanity.

    Rido-Maybe he was easily defeated due to K increased power.

    Another thing that’s bothersome to me- Yuuki is a vampire and K’s sister, so that means SHE is a pureblood as well, but besides seeing the future (which she hasn’t done since she was little) what IS her power?

  6. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I guess you were referring to the memories slowly leaking out that Kaname has sealed was it?

    Power…we haven’t seen her’s so far except what the Artemis has transformed into and how she’d wield it…

  7. Schubert Says:

    I don’t recall if is it is something that K unleashed or Yuki herself remembered,but I thought it was cool that she had a power.In the end nothing has been done with it.

    Of the transformed weapons I think Artemis is better. I don’t like the tentacles things that seem to come from Zero’s.

  8. Fairchild_13 Says:

    maybe we’ll be seeing Yuuki in action more on the forthcoming chapters. I once thought Vampire Knight would still be running without her if not for her secret which is the core of the story and because she was completely useless then but i like the unleashed character of hers now. tough girl! :)

    the bloody rose, though I could see the rationale behind its fusion with Zero but I agree with you it’s quite unsightly.

  9. Melea Says:

    Oh, I really want raw scans!!!

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