Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Fairy Tail: Chapter 108 October 22, 2008

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Click here to read!

Looking back…

Magnolia Harvest Festival turned into a mess starting off from Evergreen’s seizing the Miss Fairy Tail pageant (she’s not an official contestant I suppose) and turning her competitions into stones!  Luxus and his other minions, the Raijinshuu joined the lady on-stage and declared the commencement of the battle of who’s the strongest at the Fairy Tail Guild!  Natsu got all pumped up but does he stood a chance against Luxus?

This Chapter…

Luxus is turning Fairy Tail upside down flaring up a battle which only means to win is to defeat each other!

In three hours time, the whole guild must fight against four people to save those hostages from turning entirely into sand! Cruel Evergreen! Time to play hide and seek! err, Fighting Festival it is!

Those kekkai was Fried’s restriction spells? Awesome!

Makarov and Natsu could only stand there and watch while others are killing each other! Grey, help!

Random Babblings …

What the heck? Natsu is already 80 years old? The kekkai must have mistaken! ^^; At least chances are he might be a statue not an old man! But just as we all thought he was all revived from his stupor yet he can’t even get near Luxus?! Well, I think he’s just playing around a little but we have seen how determined and unpredictable Natsu’s powers are! Unless he could get himself out of that magic barrier.

Wow and this battle couldn’t be more exciting with Erza in action! I wanna see her against Evergreen!  I don’t know what Fried is capable of aside from his powerful kekkais but I wanted him against Grey and Bixlow against Gazille and of course Natsu against the idiotic Luxus! Maybe his lightning would taste better this time around than the last time they’ve fought!

Happy did get what he’d hoped for! Happy now?


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