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Vampire Knight: Noir No Wana October 21, 2008

Grab it here!

Grab it here!

We were intrigued the last time a Vampire Knight light novel was published, remember the ‘Vampire Knight: Ice Blue No Tsumi” (Vanpaia Naito: Aisu Burū no Tsumi) or the (Sin of Ice Blue) featuring Fuuka’s obsession with Kaname but it turned out she ended up with Aidou instead?!

Anyways, story writer Ayuna Fujisaki along with Matsuri Hino’s craft has published on October 3 another installment entitled “Vampire Knight: Noir No Wana” (Vanpaia Naito: Nowāru no Wana) or (The Noir Trap).

Consisting of 3 mini chapters, the novel features the story of Zero and his decision of attending senior high school.  It also has attributed a chapter to Shindo, the girl who offered Zero chocolates during Valentines day and the last story was dedicated to the Class representative of Zero and Yuuki’s class. See more details here.

It has been out in the market and since this one’s so new, of course no scanlations are available yet.  Sorry ’bout that.

I wonder if Kaname-sama’s got a big role there? Just maybe but I’m grabbing this one when already published in English, for now let’s polish our handful of Japanese! XD

Stay tuned for more updates on this!


11 Responses to “Vampire Knight: Noir No Wana”

  1. […] Vampire Knight: Noir No Wana is here! […]

  2. abby Says:

    may i know where i can read vampire knight-noir’s trap online?Pls reply asap!Im really eager to read that more on the cross academy’s romance!

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Hi Abby, thanks for dropping by. I don’t think we can find it online. I’ve been searching a lot but the cover and some summary like that of the link is all. That unless we’ll buy the novel in Japanese. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help but I’ll update this post whenever I could find one.

  3. Do you think it’s possible to ask a scanlator to scanlate it for the fans? I don’t know any personally though, unfortunately.

    Also, I was wondering if Vampire Knight: Ice Blue No Tsumi has been scanlated as well.


    Have a Happy New Year!

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Hi, I haven’t thought about that. It could possibly be if they’ve got the material but as far as I know, there hadn’t been a scanlation for the novels and that’s so sad! I want one for Saiunkoku Monogatari!

      I only have found summaries for Ice Blue No Tsumi and some scans but a quick except and no scans except for the cover for Noir Trap. :( I’m afraid I’m not that much of help…

      Btw, Happy New Year too! =)

  4. vivian Says:

    D: awwws!! i desperately want to read Noir’s Trap !! im a huge fan of shiki & rima ….. i mite go buy it ….. but do u noe if theres an english translated one?

    thanks :D

  5. […] Vampire Knight: Noir No Wana is here! […]

  6. cara Says:

    You can find the Japanese novels here —–> http://www.yesasia.com but It has not been translated to any other languages as of now. If I manage to get my hands on it I’ll try to translate it.

  7. NinjaSheik Says:


    I can only find translation for the first novel. Geez…

  8. spicyapple Says:

    has it been translated yet??
    been looking but cannot find any

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