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Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 3 October 21, 2008

Looking back…

Yuuki was found unconscious, drained of her energy where the party hosted by Hanabusa’s family is being thrown.  It was caused by a young vampire lad who the prefect had helped find his mother.  It led into one of the rarest private moments Yuuki and Kaname ever had! ♥♥♥

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Episode 3 : The Lapis Lazuli Portrait ~Mirage~

Our Story So Far…

Cross Academy is having a break! everyone is heading for home except Aidou who’s brooding in his room for reason unclear to everyone else.  He holds onto a piece of Lapis Lazuli remembering what he witnessed…the night Shizuka was killed by no other than Kaname-sama.

Yuuki secretly saw Kaname and the members of the Night Class off.  Dazed by the many thoughts she was burdened lately, once again she was visited by the same blurry vision she had back then.  Unaware, she found herself being lectured about by her dorm leader who stopped at her tracks when the runaway Aidou appeared.

Yuuki and Zero acted as host to the capricious Hanabusa, accommodated him at the Chairman’s private suite, fed him a feast almost fit for a king yet never gets full and his demands were endless making Kiryuu pissed off.  Aidou seemed to know of Zero’s condition prompted by the blood tablets Yuuki served him while waiting for more food.  He confronted her about being special to Kaname and from there he learned something of Yuuki’s history and that she wouldn’t mind if Kaname will betray her.  While soaking at the bath, he envisioned his past with Kaname, the memories bound by such piece of marbled lapis lazuli.

Senri came home to his mother and the others, Kaname, Ichijou, Ruka, Rima and Kain were at Aidou’s about to spend the vacation there as planned.  Kain however didn’t waste time researching for clues that might have a connection with Shizuka’s death and Kaname’s past.

While cleaning up, Yuuki dropped a plate and was cut by it.  She offered Zero to lick it but his hunger must have  been huge that he allowed him to feed on her wrist.  Aidou with his instincts must have noticed it and must have seen it as evidenced by the door left ajar.  He mentally kicked himself for worrying about Zero and recalling what Yuuki had said about Kaname and soon he thinks that he feels the same too and headed back to their dorm without notice leaving Yuuki and Zero in wonder.

Yuuki confided about Kaname’s offer to be a vampire and she’s having second thoughts of giving into it but Zero vowed he’d never let her become one even if it makes Kuran his enemy and be hated by Yuuki.

Random Babblings…

First, there’s no such thing as the lapis lazuli in the manga but it made sense here in the anime.  Wow, those nobles are so lavish in a sense to have made marbles out of the precious stone!  Anyhow, it had sewn many scenes together and a perfect tool for that childhood flashbacks.  This is one of the mere alterations when compared to the manga but they fit together just fine.  I also thought episode 2 was already on the 26th chapter but this episode is a collaboration of the earlier chapters back!


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