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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 5 October 21, 2008

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Looking back…

The inevitable meeting between Habaek in his real form as Mooee and Soah took place.  Meanwhile, Suh Wangmo, upon learning of the bride is coming to the Water Kingdom!

This Chapter…

I’m not so sure what the flashbacks are about.  It must have something to do with Habaek’s other wives and if I’m not mistaken, this has a connection with the deity’s deceased wife.  But why is Habaek’s bleeding?  Do gods bleed too?

The news of Habaek’s mother coming to the kingdom made Soah listless.  It was funny Ju-Dong comforting her at first but gave her chills soon after.  Even though Su Wangmo is the Goddess of Punishment and Torture, she is also the Goddess of Love and Hate and the Goddess of Disease.

The wind and the water seemed restless and Habaek heard from Hoo-Yee that his mother was coming and he knew it’s all because of Soah.  It has been long and for so many hundred years that she hasn’t communicated with him which simply means somebody did told her about it.

Hoo-Yee submitted himself for any punishment Habaek is about to execute but the Water God knew it wasn’t him and it was probably Yook-Oh who was once his mother’s ally.  It was obvious that the Commander is only covering for the old man and is more than willing to accept the consequences on his behalf. Habaek warned him should he betray him, he’ll never forgive him again.  Probably Hoo-Yee has been involved with that of Habaek’s past as evidenced by that other flashback.  Just like the last time the young deity hugged him which Ju-Dong had witnessed who in turn made a big fuss about it.

Yo-Hee tried to comfort the troubled Soah and she insisted that Habaek should be by her side that very moment.  But Habaek’s form has not been seen around all day and that made Soah wonder.  Now alone taking a walk, she came accross some naked guy bathing in midst of the night!

Random Babblings…

Wow, Habaek, err, Mooee is so sexy!  Anyways, Habaek might have been troubled much by her mother’s arrival and the recall of that event a long time ago during that confrontation with Hoo-Yee earlier that he’s forgotten about Soah!  Poor girl!


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