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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 4 October 20, 2008

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Click here to read!

Looking back…

Soah got hurt and sprained her ankle following the Che incident in the forest where Hoo-Yee came to her rescue before Habaek could do anything.  Night came, the Water God decided to visit Soah in her chamber, now in his true form.

This Chapter…

Totally not expecting Soah’s still awake, Habaek having been caught offhanded knocked the startled maiden on the floor and ended up hurting them both. As the situation presents itself, the anticipated right time for him to reveal his secret came too soon and at a particular instance.  Unprepared and unable to escape, he introduced himself as Mooee, an older cousin of Habaek’s which is half the truth.

Trying to divert the conversation, Mooee asked Soah why hasn’t she fled from Habaek and eluded herself from the crooked townspeople’s judgment.  It was then that Soah disclosed that she was once saved by the Water God himself in the guise of a water lily from sure death and for that she felt blessed.

A water lily is characterized by the fact that it blooms during daytime and closes itself at night reason why it is often called the ‘sleeping flower,’ however, Mooee dropped a hint at Soah of his real self which he likened to a water lily which only opens up at night.

Suh Wangmo, upon hearing Habaek has taken in another human bride, decided to visit the Water Kingdom.   News of her arrival came through her messenger while Soah’s reiterating her meeting with Habaek’s older cousin Mooee.  Moora was puzzled at first but she chose to go by the charade for it wasn’t all a lie and that there’s someone by the name of Mooee in the kingdom indeed.  While at it, the new bride learned of how the Water God’s mom was feared particularly that she’s the God of Punishment and Torture!

Random Babblings…

I would have preferred Mooee kissing Soah to quieten her instead of covering her mouth with just his hand!  That would be awesome!♥ And they look good together too!  I wanna see where this possible love triangle would lead with Hoo-Yee of course. But, oh no! What would Suh Wangmo do to Soah?


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