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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 3 October 19, 2008

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Looking back…

Before Habaek could warn Soah, she got lost wandering about the Water Kingdom and ended up meeting Tae El Jin who introduced himself as a doctor.  At long last, the Water God finally gave rain to the village people for Soah’s sake.

This Chapter…

The scorching heat delighted the God of Fire, Ju-Dong leaving everyone else feeling malaise and even caused Habaek to pass-out. The doctor told the worried Soah that the Water God is weak against sunlight.

Also bringing up the issue about Soah getting lost, she took the opportunity to ask about Habaek’s previous brides.  She was told that her first wife Nakbin who died at a young age was the only one he’d ever loved that he knew nothing about the others. To ease Soah’s tension, the doctor offered her a palm reading.  Not so sure if he really knows how to read fortunes or not but he claims that Soah will live happily ever after and then ended up offering her some charms at a bargain price!

Advised to recuperate in the forest, Yo-Hye and Soah tagged along with Habaek but their usual female chatter made the young deity furious.  Ju-Dong was also present and the brief conversation with the young god turned into a heated argument.  So much for the peace and quiet!

Because Soah was to be considered innocent of her new surroundings, she was almost a bait to a Che if not for Hoo-Yee who offered his arm in her stead.  Known for being the best archer in the realm of the gods, he effortlessly shot the the monster dead.  But instead of consoling her shaken bride, Habaek gave her a piece of his mind. Sprained, Hoo-Yee offered to take Soah with him carrying her like a lover.  The two other gods’ comments on how Soah and Hoo-Yee looked good together made Habaek clench his fist. Jealous?

Habaek in his true form decided to visit Soah thinking she should be sleeping by now.  Earlier, Tae El Jin discussed with him about revealing his secret and he decided that he meant to tell her at the right time. As he helped himself into Soah’s quarter, he found her there wide awake.  Caught off-guard, is the right time of letting out his secret is now?

Random Babblings…

Hoo-Yee and Soah really look good together I have to agree and I guess the Commander Hoo-Yee has a special feeling for our Soah as well!  I wouldn’t blame her either if she falls in love with him too for he’s a beautiful man and he cares so much for her.

I am pleased to see Habaek jealous over Hoo-Yee, after all he treats Soah badly. However, I am more intrigued with the Water God’s personality.  He seems to be somewhat  mellow and broad-minded when he is at his original form rather than the impertinent and arrogant kid he was during daytime.  Is his curse affecting him both pysically and character-wise?  How did he came to be cursed like that?


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