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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 2 October 19, 2008

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Looking back…

Sent off to the open sea to drown, Soah was the bride sacrifice the village people are offering the angry Water God in the hope to receive rain they were all deprived of for a long time.  By chance, Soah got rescued by the God himself and was brought to the Water Kingdom.

This Chapter…

Soah woke up in a strange environment and for a while it scared her but soon she realized that she’s no longer at the convenience of her home.  She thought Habaek’s appearance the other night was but a dream.

Putting up a cheerful mask, she tried to be a responsible bride for the young deity to the simplest thing such as straightening a loose button on his clothing but he impertinently stressed out that he’s no kid and that she shouldn’t treat him as one.

While Habaek, realized his failure to warn her new bride to go nowhere near that rundown building, Soah, exploring the palace alone got lost, and found herself in that very place.  Letting herself in she found Tae El Jin, a doctor and inventor as he claims it who insisted to give her a charm called the “completion of one’s wish.”  Soah gracefully rejected it only to find out that her wish might not have been granted yet, rain for the village. Alarmed, she confronted Habaek about the matter only to be reminded of her own situation but she consoled herself how she had forgotten that he’s a temperamental kind.

Lost in a deep thought, Hoo-Ye caught up to her and encourage her confidence in him and openly offered his assistance should the need arise.  She graciously thanked him but insisted of trying her best, different from that woman Hoo-Ye remembered.

Moon viewing with Tae El Jin, Habaek was reminded of Soah’s wish. Uncertain however because of human imperfections he was tempted not give the rain they were asking but because of Soah and how he’d seen her shed tears the other night he reluctantly tossed a small amount of liquid which eventually turned into rain for the village people. Probably now, Soah’s legend will always be remembered and passed down to all generations to come.  Mura upon knowing of Habaek’s action was quite intrigued and couldn’t help but throw at Soah a mind-boggling question.  What happened to Habaek’s previous brides?

Random Babblings…

Doctor Tae El Jin.  He gives me creeps, it seems that he has other ulterior motives and Habaek is doubtful of him as well. On a happy note, Habaek must have felt a little something other than pity towards Soah and I can’t wait to unmask him! Finally, what really happened to Habaek’s other brides?


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