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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 1 October 19, 2008

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Volume 1: Chapter 1

A wedding day is supposedly a festive occasion but for Soah’s family it feels no more than a wake for a funeral. Having received a divine revelation when she was young, she was intended to be a sacrificial lamb offering to the Water God on behalf of the village people…and that time is at hand.

Facing an inevitable doom, she was set off to sail on the open seas to drown but she was unexpectedly rescued by some force and found herself in a magnificent and strange place. She has been brought to the Water Kingdom!

While Soah was skeptical of her very existence now, she was ushered by an old man Yook-Oh to the Water God’s whereabouts.

But out curiosity, she wandered off and met several few including a young boy who openly ignored her and a magnificent image of a man she first thought to be the Water God himself not until introduced and found out that it was Hoo-Ye, the commander of the palace.

Dumbfounded, the god of all things dealing with water and her husband is no other than that little boy she’d met earlier! To her amazement, she thought that no one back in her village would ever believe that the deity they all feared was a little boy! She felt relieved at least to know that he’s no monster like they perceived him before.

She got to meet two female goddesses, Moora and Yo-hye who is a believer of Buddhism and Ju-Dong, the God of Fire who loves everything cute. What roles are they going to play in her new found life?

Having been cast off by her fellow villagers, Soah pretended not to care but her innermost feelings were revealed by her tears showing Habaek her vulnerability; but not only Soah’s true feelings were revealed. In the cloak of the night, Habaek’s true form was unveiled!

Random Babblings…

Going back, the two red strings a matchmaker gave Soah is an indication that she’ll love two persons in the future. Who could they possibly be?


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