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Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 2 October 18, 2008

Looking back…

Following Shizuka’s death, the Vampire Council ordered for Zero’s termination as he had committed a taboo especially on a pureblood whom they revere so much.  Kaname meddled for him sparing his life for the moment while Yuuki gave a childish reaction against Kaname following the incident.  The almost kiss scene could be found in Episode 1 and was ended by the letter which was revealed to be intended for Zero.


Vodpod videos no longer available.
Episode 2 : Eternal Promise ~Paradox~


This Episode…

Walking alongside Yori, Yuuki’s thoughts drifted back to the time when Zero tried to kiss her.  Shaking off that recollection, she groped for reasons why Zero could have done that.  She also mentally kicked herself remembering that childish act she had with Kaname back then, until Yori snapped her back to earth.

While she couldn’t help herself but think, she felt a tug on her sleeve. A lost young boy cries for her mother and Yuuki volunteered to help him find her consenting Yori to go ahead of her.  Yuuki was brought by the kid in a rundown building at a nearby place and in gratitude, he kissed her.  The prefect felt dizzy at once and eventually lost consciousness.

Aidou’s family is currently holding a party for vampires and by order of the Hunters Association Zero came to observe. Yagari was there too for some personal business.

By chance, Kain’s group and Kaname found Yuuki and was brought to Aidou’s place away from the vampires.  Yuuki regained her conscious and found Kaname watching over her.  She still felt dizzy as she tried to get up and wobbly,  her vampire-knight-in-shinning-armor, Kaname, caught her.

While Takuma came and called for Kaname’s presence in the party below, now alone, a blurry vision suddenly hit her and the kid with eyes of different colors peeked in and apologized.  It was said that vampire kids are capable of stealing energy from humans reason why she probably fainted earlier. While Yuuki wanted to ask the kid some more as she’s worried but he hurriedly left and Yuuki chose to go after him.

In the hall down below, she saw vampires partying in the dim light, most were famous and their true nature is a top secret and Zero!  Flashbacks of that almost kissed incident came rushing through her which she immediately dismissed. Zero on the other hand met Ichiru on a ponytail!  Obviously, his twin despised him more after Shizuka’s death.

Back at the party, everyone fell into silence as Kaname appeared before them.  Each paid respect to him and expressed warm greetings.  Meanwhile, the host of the party, Aidou’s father took the opportunity of introducing her daughter for Kaname’s consideration, a future bride perhaps and Aidou immediately asked an apology for that thing was uncalled for and he wasn’t expecting it.

Yuuki witnessed it all from the spot she was hiding.  Jealous much?  Kaname saw her reaction and came to her once more.  And… the Kaname and Yuuki moments took place…makes me wish I was in Yuuki’s place! My pureblood fantasy brought her back to the academy and that was it, snow fell, she recalled her past once again…

Random Babblings…

This episode covers chapter 25 of the manga and part of the 26th and is quite loyal to it except for some few.  Sara who was present in the manga and was the cause of Yuuki’s jealousy did not appear in the anime.  I wasn’t so sure  either of the scene with Ichiru and Zero talking.  Oh well, I’m quite glad a handful of Japanese I learned from class paid off though I still suck at reading the characters yet! XD

More importantly, I actually wish to be Kaname’s prey! Moe!


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