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Shugo Chara Doki!! [54] October 18, 2008

The Story So Far…

Lastly on Episode 53: The Humpty Lock on Amu’s possession exuded an unexpected reaction while trying to meddle with Ikuto and Tadase’s conflict.  She eventually changed into Amulet Heart that was uncalled for.  On the last part of the episode, a new girl arrives and seemed to be under contract with Easter.


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Episode 54 : Eh? A New Friend?!

Our Story At Hand…

Heading for school, Amu noticed Yaya tailing behind her.  She took the Humpty Lock from Amu and paid homage to it in the middle of the street!  Thinking it was responsible for Amu’s powered up character transformation, she wished it could be the same for her as Dear Baby.

At the classroom, Minami brought a bouquet of flowers to everyone’s amusement. It was known that she came from a family of florists and hopes to be an excellent florist herself one day.  After school, on the way home, a rumor of a new classmate was brought up and claimed to be from a distinguished family.  While they’re at it imagining things, Lulu was found sneaking behind a tree from where she could see Amu clearly.

Amu came to help Manami and her parents flower arranging and realizes she really is enjoying herself.  Finally aiming home, while contenting herself at the bouquet of sweet smelling flowers she’d brought, Miki sensed a guardian egg, Lulu’s! The other guardians felt it too the moment Amu visited Manami’s shop and gave her cookie present.  Following the direction of the presence, they found the new classmate and who introduced herself as Lulu (can’t make out the family name). Ikuto crossed paths with her on her way to Easter to see Gozen.

Lulu messed up with Manami putting her into hypnosis using that magic jewel pendant she has, made her egg into a riddling one with a question mark on it instead of an X and wow, it swallowed her and Minami transforms into “Flower Dream” putting everyone and anything on the park entranced with her flowers!  Yoru was caught up on it and as soon as freed he hurriedly look for Ikuto only to came across the Guardians heating up the atmosphere as Ikuto then appeared.

The battle with Manami where Amu was on the loosing end at first amused Lulu looking from afar.  Ikuto and Tadase were all worried of her getting hurt but neither did anything!  Again, the Humpty Lock powered up giving Amu a new source of strength.  She managed to turn Minami’s egg into an X egg and purified it at once.  Kiseki notices the embryo leaving Ikuto off guard and Lulu as well for missing the chance to capture the embryo which parted itself from them.

Discussing the event at the Royal Garden, Amu wonders if Lulu was another Easter contract.

Random Babblings…

Yey! This episode is very cool and at least something new has come up, a character changing enemy and I bet we’ll see more of them.  I like the new effects on Amu’s Chara Nari but then I would agree if they would put something new on her gears.  The roller skates, when will we be seeing that?

Lulu’s magic pendant currently is the one doing the job for her and we haven’t yet seen what her guardian character is capable of and how will she transform herself into if ever.

Err, I have this question for a while and I haven’t got an answer yet.  When character transforming, everyone else is capable of doing so, the Guardians, Ikuto, Utau but I was really wondering why Amu couldn’t without the Humpty Lock? What kind of heroine is that?  Remember back in Episode 51, she was locked up in a greenhouse but despite three of her guardians were present, she couldn’t do anything because the Lock wasn’t with her until Ikuto came to her rescue.  I need some answer!


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