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Sound Effects?! October 17, 2008

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Are you a Manga freak like myself?  If yes, then you may have come across many sound effects used by the artists to give more expression to their pieces, correct?

As for ourselves, we often use some of those terms with just a vague or totally unaware of what those terms actually might have meant.  We’re no Japanese, that’s a fact, so a little reference to enhance more our manga reading is a great help that we may enjoy even more doing the thing we most love!  This could also be applied when watching an anime of course!

I have this in my bookmarks since I can’t remember when and I guess I’d like to share this with everyone else.


  • chu = kiss
  • kya = shriek
  • wai = (a character saying it) feminine exclamation of delight.

Eeto, I don’t feel like posting the whole thing here, so kindly see the link below to gain full access of everything there is to it.



3 Responses to “Sound Effects?!”

  1. excelsis Says:

    do you speak any japanese yourself?

  2. excelsis Says:

    i know a little hiragana myself ////

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