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xxxHOLiC: Chapter 167 October 16, 2008

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Looking back…

I was so surprised at first, I thought the last time we had xxxHOLiC 166, we are talking ’bout food and that mysterious lady client Watanuki was tasked to coach but reading this recent chapter, I was so sure this was where Tsubasa last ended and the Holic seemed to have kept up in its pace.

This Chapter…

Tsubasa Chronicles 201 revealed that Syaoran and Watanuki is but one person!  Impossible?

Continuing the enigma last time, Yuuko is having an award winning monologue!  Looking at the mountain of treasures in her storage room, she uttered that those things weren’t just there because she likes it nor collects it but all those were in there for a purpose until that ‘fated day’…

It was revealed that Sakura’s old wand used to collect the Clow cards is a fake, however the star wand is the real McCoy, given up as a price but its not the only one…there are two, separated for the children they love!  Watanuki and Syaoran.

The egg that Sakura-hime collected as witnessed in the Tokyo Revelations OVA became two.  Watanuki gave the other to Himawari as Tanpopo and the other that hasn’t hatched yet was given to Doumeki. Is that for Syaoran? Its mission is yet to unfold.

Ever wonder why Syaoran and Watanuki though one person bears different names, faces and even birthdays? Surely, it was to keep the secret child out of Fei Wang Reed’s gaze, an old magic. But because Watanuki is a being that isn’t supposed to exist, but did exist  to fill in the void because Syaoran wished to turn back time, his life too is endangered but Yuuko wouldn’t allow it would she?

Now the thing with the parents, Watanuki’s parents as we all know died in a car accident. Those are CCS’ Shaoran and Sakura! However, it is only in that world where Watanuki and Yuuko lives in and probably not in the real world where Syaoran came from!

Random Babblings…

First of all, what a sudden turn of events!   It has been a wild ride with Tsubasa and now this chapter?

What happened with that lady client’s case?  Was it already over?

CLAMP has many surprises and I applaud them being able to back up their stories despite the many twists and questions they throw at their reading audiences.  That’s why I like them, they always want to make us think!

I was about to write an editorial about Syaoran and Watanuki and their parents but I guess there’s no need for it as xxxHOLiC 167 answered them all, though not everything as there are still many things that are yet to be disclosed.

I was really depressed upon learning that CCS’ Shaoran and Sakura might be killed by CLAMP at this point but it was a big relief that they weren’t totally! ^,^;

But why would CLAMP not show Mom Sakura and Dad Shaoran’s older faces!  It’s unfair!  I wanna see them badly! ♥


Sheesh, I’ve read the chapter once more and I might be wrong but Watanuki is the real child after all?  And that Syaoran image is just a fake?  It was there in the watch Watanuki paid Yuuko back then, the picture!  This is terrible!  I wonder why CLAMP have been giving us some thoughts that Syaoran isn’t his real name!  Which one is it really?

Looking at Tsubasa’s perspective, it was Watanuki who was born out of Syaoran’s wish but here in Holic, our Syaoran might be a fake?!

Ouch, my head hurts so much!


8 Responses to “xxxHOLiC: Chapter 167”

  1. Jen Says:

    First of all, I don’t believe the story proper ever said “car accident.” If memory serves, it is left vaguely as an “accident,” which could mean any number of things. As I don’t have a raw to look at though, I can’t verify this. However, I believe this misconception comes from a mistake in translation.

    And I took this chapter to mean that Syaoran was born looking like Watanuki, but altered his own appearance before going to Yuuko’s store for some reason. Of course, I’m not 100% confident in that interpretation, but it’s what I got out of it.

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    If I may correct myself, there’s no mention of a car accident indeed but a severe road accident according to the divination of that old fortune teller as seen in Chapter 19 pg 6. Even so, it would only imply two things, a hit and run or a car crash but you’re right translations are sometimes inaccurate.

    I was glad at first to know some truth behind both existence but this chapter has left further more questions. As to who’s the exact replica of who, I am uncertain of that either. It was just that photo…

    Maybe on the later chapters we’ll discover how everything had happened back then to the point when Clow was alive and was able to foresee the future resulting on how the two Mokonas were made and the participation of the CCS couple and Yuuko who seems knowledgeable of what was to come.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    why did they have to kill off the CCS couple?
    i love Sakura Kinomoto =@ =(

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    It is uncertain if they were totally killed even in their own world but for now they definitely had perished in the world where Yuuko and Watanuki are.

    However, there is a slim chance that they’re still alive in the CCS world! CLAMP wouldn’t kill such precious characters right, would they? I wanna see their faces now grown up to have become mom and dad to Syaoran and Watanuki yet! XD

  5. Anonymous Says:

    okayyy thats good :)
    i dont get what u mean by..
    “They’re still alive in the CCS world” ? ? ?

  6. Fairchild_13 Says:

    If you have been reading Tsubasa and Holic you’ll figure out that there are different worlds. If CCS Sakura exist say in Yuuko’s Japan then she also exist in some other worlds with the same face and soul but would probably have a different lifestyle, yet they are the same.

    In Watanuki’s case since it was revealed that Syaoran and he shares the same existence therefore their parents might be the same of course but because of the distortion caused by Syaoran’s wish, Watanuki’s parents died in that Nihon as he brings misery to the people around him but we are unsure of the CCS couple from the world where Syaoran came from, they might be still alive.

    I suggest you better read the crossovers since I think my explanation is a bit vague…gomen. :P

  7. Anonymous Says:

    hahah okay then :)
    hopefully theyre still alive
    i wanna see them so badly XD

  8. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Me too! They’re my favorite ever! ^^

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