Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Fairy Tail: Chapter 107 October 16, 2008

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Looking back….

Magnolia Town is having a festival!  Lucy is dying to enter the Miss Fairy Tail Pageant for the huge prize, totally unaware of Luxus and the Raijinshuu’s return to the guild and what ruckus they might bring!

This Chapter…

It is the very day of the festival, everyone was so looking forward to it even Natsu who’s still on a stupor but wants to be stuffed with food?!  Falling behind are Grey, Jubia (Isn’t it Lluvia?) and Lucy enjoying the festive atmosphere.  With the month’s rent in mind, Lucy is determined to win the pageant but Jubia wouldn’t lose to her, of course, because of Grey!

With the people of Magnolia and other neighboring towns present, Miss Fairy Tail Contest commences.  Natsu indeed kept his plan of stuffing himself and wasn’t even paying attention to what Grey was saying.

Candidate No. 1. Cana Alberona, specializing in cards.  She joined the contest to bag the price for alcohol!

Candidate No. 2. Jubia who wields water.  Joined the contest to attract Grey’s attention.

Candidate No. 3. Mira Jane. Uses transformation magic.  She’s a champ at contests like this but her performance is a bit of a shock! Pfft!

Candidate No. 4. Erza Scarlet. The strongest woman in Fairy Tail!  Wow, she had a new ex-quip!  It must be from her armor designer is it not?!

Candidate No. 5. Levi McGarden. Knowledgeable and cute?

Candidate No. 6. Visca Moulin.  The sexy cowgirl.

Candidate No. 7. Lucy H–.  The super rookie!  What’s the issue with her last name? She might not get the prize if people already know she’s rich, that’s why…!

Candidate No. 8? Evergreen!

Oh no, Lucy hasn’t performed yet.  What an ego, a self-proclaiming champ!  So long 500,000 jewels!  But Lucy’s not giving up without a fight.  She tried to confront her totally unaware of Evergreen’s magic only to be turned into stone!  She also did turn the other contestants into stone so definitely she’d be the the only winner as she’s the last one standing!  What’d?  Luxus, Bixlow and Fried now seized the stage as well and taking the contestants as hostages!  Cowardice!

Fairy Tail fight starts!

But just as things started to heat up, Natsu too got pumped up!  Is Luxus all that it takes to get him back in shape?  Whatever.  The next chapter’s gonna be more exciting!


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