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‘Atashi No Kokoro, Unrokku! October 16, 2008

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I have gone past my teenage days but I still am hooked with animes and mangas as if they were really bad habits to break!

Speeding things up, a few weeks ago, I have watched a featured Shugo Chara! video at Crunchyroll and I instantly fell in love with it! I ended up having an anime marathon instead and have seen all the episodes up ~~ all in one day! Unbelievable!

The next thing I know is that I’m craving for more and read the manga scanlations available but the anime is more ahead than the manga itself but I know they’ll come soon enough as the anime is about to conclude. (Yeah, it already had and a new season now airing in Japan, dubbed as Shugo Chara!! Doki.)  Right there and then, I found myself creating this post for the cool and spicy ani-manga! XD

All kids hold an egg in their soul…

The egg of our hearts…

Our would-be selves…

Yet unseen…

I can relate myself in a way with the series since I really believe that there’s a lot of untapped potentials in us waiting to be discovered and harnessed.

It’s not that I believe there would be magical beings like Ran, Miki and Suu floating about us in reality *hehe, I’d be mistaken with a tom fool if ever* but the reality is that, we are not like what we may seem. Our inner character is kept within ourselves and is often masked by pretenses which enables us to fit in just anywhere…but it could be tiring ~~ pretending what you’re not.

Now, if I were to examine myself what would I like to become? Sounds like a middle-schooler but there are things that I wanted and I know I’m capable of but I haven’t been given the opportunity to become the “it”.

When I was a little younger, I want to be a famous singer, a Broadway model, an architect, a lawyer, a disc jockey and a video game guru????! Ohohoho!

But kidding aside, all those were the first things I considered myself to become and over the years somehow I have had been closer to some of those childish aspirations…

I came to sing with a choir, in fact until now, joined many solo contests *don’t ask me what placer am I then* and I now work in a broadcast company. A broadway model, no thanks but I still draw whenever I can. The other two I don’t know but since I owned a PSP, I lost interest on video games big time!!

My wishful thinking is that, I want to be like Amy Lee. Evanescence’s? Right, my ultimate dream is that or could I be her? *ROFL* She’s cool and spicy, I totally love her!

What else could I become? Who knows I’d be the next president of America or the first woman ever to fathom the depths of Bermuda Triangle and unravel its mysteries or I could be your would-be self instead??! ;D Scarrry!

Ah, I wanna be a manga artist, onegai…

So, ja ne, or else there’d be no conclusion to my never ending list! Hyuuu!


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