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The Coolest & The Spiciest Heroine! October 16, 2008

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Hair of pink and an armband on the sleeve…

A buckled belt on a tucked out blouse…
A loosely tied tie peeking from an unbuttoned school suit…
A pair of baggy knee socks with colors matching that of the red checkered skirt…
With a pair of stepperz to compliment the outfit!

Meet the coolest & the spiciest girl in town, Hinamori Amu!

Known for her notoriety as rumors say, she’d beaten a whole soccer team on her own and was feared in all local schools where the principals were trying their best to appease her.

Funny but true that her classmates think of her mom as a famous writer and her father as an ace photographer and even created an imaginary boyfriend for her, an older man and a French!

Her out of the ordinary character rooted from her first day of class in school. Not knowing what to say, she was mistaken for playing cool, not knowing how to act as rebellious and her mom’s whimsical fashion sense has a striking influence on her and her sister. She, a Goth Punk and her sister Ami’s a Sweet Loli!

When in truth, she too wanted to wear pink and frills and even stay honest and cute for a while. It must have been tough for her to put up such an exterior according to what people around expects of her but her real character is nowhere closer.

Shugo Chara! is Amu’s story.


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