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The Tarot Cafe October 15, 2008

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Original Title : The Tarot Cafe

English Title  : *

Author         : Sang-Sun Park

Genre          : Horror, Romance

Tarot literally means any of a set of (usually 72) cards that include 22 cards representing virtues and vices and death and fortune etc., used by fortunetellers.

Sang-Sun Park’s The Tarot Cafe was inspired by the idea and so far this has been the most intriguing manhwa I have ever come across.

Somehow, many readers say that this piece could be likened to CLAMP’s xxHOLiC but it is whole lot different.  The only catch  perhaps is that both Yuuko and Pamela has the ability of foretelling the future but are using very distinct mediums.

The story’s setting is in the modern-day Great Britain where immortal Pamela, the main character is running a Tarot Cafe.  Her gift of divination through tarot card readings earned her customers and unknown to many when the shop supposedly closes at midnight, her supernatural clients has just started rushing in; cats, fairies and even vampires; those that exist in the human realm.

While she is capable of unraveling the past, present and future of most her clients, she herself has to face a gruesome past and an uncertain future to deal with.  The very reason why she would prefer receiving beads of Berial’s necklace as a compensation for her services for reasons yet to unfold.

Mystery, occultism, divination, demons, dragons; those are just some things to expect in this gothic manhwa and surely this is oozing with intrigues!


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