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Shugo Chara!! Doki [53] October 12, 2008

The Story So Far…

Episode 52 was nothing but boring recaps, recaps, recaps!  That, except Dia’s brief appearance!  there’s no need to elaborate much further is there?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 53 : Hectic Day to Speak Frankly!?

Our Story At Hand…

Ikuto was found lazing around in a grassy spot somewhere.  Yoru tried to cheer him up with his antics and was pleased with himself to have succeeded making Ikuto smile.

The Guardians with a usual scene at the Royal Garden and eating King donuts!  A Donut-Amu-Tadase moment went up and was interrupted by Yaya’s butting in.

Easter’s failure scientists were contemplating which part of their endeavor has failed in their quest of finding the embryo.  They reminisced on the past when Nikaido was still a part of the company, how he’d changed and was given a chance to see his chara which he thought he’d lost a long time ago.  The Yukari and Kairi tandem too did fail which ends up leaving the company the same.  They also had a flashback on the almost successful Black Diamond CD which Utau recorded but on the long run, she too had a change of heart and departed from Easter as well. Those, in addition to their own recent failure inventions!

Summoned at Superintendent’s office, the Founding King, I must say, Amu was informed of a few important things particularly concerning herself being the Joker. His words were enigmatic enough that Amu understands naught.  While at it, Ran found a copy of the book, Egg of the Heart which the King wrote and demanded to know what more to expect and got some definite answer, a power boost.  Ran got all excited while the other two thought it was but a joke.

Covered in grey, rain started drizziling from the skies and Ikuto went from his spot.  Amu then came running seeking refuge at a large tree in the park.  She remembered the spot nearby where she sang at Ikuto’s violin playing.  Speak of the devil, he, Ikuto came peeking out of that very tree scaring her.  She almost fell off the gutter if not for Ikuto’s sturdy hands catching up to her! An Ikuto and Amu moment! Just like that! :{ The guardians started to discuss pertaining to the rain.  Obviously Yoru doesn’t like it, a cat is he not?

Tadase came at the Superintendent’s office and discovered Amu might have already headed home.

Stiil at the park Amu and Ikuto stood there side by side and they had a serious talk?  Things like how Amu changed a lot…but Amu’s mind wandered off to the Humpty Lock and the Dumpty key issue rooting from the talk she had had with the Founding King a little while back.  As a continuation to that Ikuto and Amu’s brief moment or not, again, a flashback on the many instances they had together.  Out of nowhere, Amu asked Ikuto if his violin is that important to him and instead of giving an honest answer, he ended up teasing her!

Tadase then came running towards Amu’s direction with a spare umbrella on hand but found that Ikuto was with her.  As Ikuto greeted him with a sarcastic line, Tadase heated up and demanded that the older guy return the Dumpty Key which he rightfully should own.  The two did character changes and started fighting!

Amu just stood there watching for a moment but soon gathered herself up and decided to end the two’s fighting.  In an unsolicited moment, the Humpty Lock made an unexpected reaction and she started transforming into Amulet Heart.  No costume change is observed except for some new sequences during the transformation. Distracted, the two had their attention on her and eventually dropped the fighting and Ikuto felt and unusual reaction on his Dumpty Key when Amu transformed.

The sky has cleared a rainbow appeared and Amu realized that Ikuto was no longer there.  Tadase on the other hand, stood there for a while just looking at her, lovestruck?

The episode ended up with Kazuomi appearing at Gozen’s laying on a new plan.  Then some girl arriving by plane came about…Lulu!

Random Babblings…

I really wanted to see some new developments this season and the first episode did fail my expectations.  Thanks goodness that the new episode, though there are recaps still but there’s continuity in the story from the last episode in Season 1.

Waht’d?  That lovely Amu-ikuto moment was cut short, it should have been elaborated more!!  I also am expecting for them to show some obvious sign that they finally came to like each other now.  Biased much? I’m doting for the two of them!

Finally, Lulu is giving me quite some creeps, what ruckus is she capable of?  X eggs no longer but eggs with a question mark?!


2 Responses to “Shugo Chara!! Doki [53]”

  1. Jess Says:

    I thought this episode was a horrible way to start off a new season!! grrrr -_-.
    But still…eggs with a question mark? o_o Sounds interesting…maybe she can morph Charas?

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    yes, im so looking forward now that lulu’s on the scene! this ep is way better that that lame first episode at least..

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