Fairchild’s Raging Domain

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 201 October 11, 2008

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Looking back…

In the 200th Chapter Princess Sakura on her birthday was fully taken over by the seal Fei Wang Reed cast on her where Nadeshiko, her mother, gave up her life to protect her.  She had made time stood still for a moment but her powers weren’t a match with FWR’s. Syaoran on the other hand couldn’t do anything but watch and then the super villain appeared offering of granting him his wish!

This Chapter…

Title   :  The Truth in the Ruins

The Story Begins…

Just as we all thought that Fei Wang would be the person to grant Syaoran’s wish, CLAMP surpised us with the recent developments.  It was Yuuko afterall!

Helpless, Syaoran is on the brink of succumbing to the devil’s offer when suddenly CCS Sakura’s, her mother’s magic circle appeared beneath him and Yuuko intervened!  She made Syaoran understand the major consequences of the wish she would be granting him that it will affect the future of not only the princess’ but everyone who have knowledge of the seal.

Syaoran’s wish it to turn back time to the point where he could have grabbed Sakura-hime’s hand before she got imprinted with that Seal of Doom.  As the Dimensional Witch has the power to grant it, he will be paying a price equally heavy with that of his wish. Provided, he would be able to save Sakura then, he won’t continue to be by her side.  He would also be curtailed of his freedom with nothing else to do but watch and his life would be in great danger. But Syaoran loves Sakura so much that he blurted out “Once more!” defying all the consequences that may entail his decision.

At that very moment, Syaoran was enveloped in magic swirls turning him back to his young self once more back at that time when Sakura was seven and on the process another person was born!  Watanuki!

To fill the void that Syaoran left by the relationships he paid as price, he’ll be his parent’s son!  Watanuki is Syaoran himself!  FWR suggested that it would only not affect Syaoran’s parents but Watanuki’s too, his other self for that matter but Yuuko contradicted it and said that the future is yet to be ordained!

I was thinking…

…”Even if you do this, you will not be able to be by the princess side”… I just thought it would be that memory concerning thing where Sakura would remember everything except that part of him.  Another thing is with the clone, he will not be with her physically either, that’s so sad.  The freedom.  This also may refer to the fact that Syaoran has been contained in Fei Wang’s custody on that sealed tube.

Furthermore, CCS’ Sakura and Shaoran will be loosing a son so Watanuki should be the replacement but what about Watanuki?  He thought his parents died when he was young in a car accident so he haven’t actually met them? I so thought before that he’d be the princess and Syaoran’s son but I was mistaken…


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