Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Fairy Tail: Chapter 106 October 9, 2008

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Looking back….

Hiro Mashima’s 105th Fairy Tail Chapter featured the return of Luxus to the guild picking up a fight against Gazille whom he put all the blame on ruining his precuious guild’s reputation.  Now he’s aimed to claim Fairy Tail for his own!  Is he gonna stir up a battle within Fairy Tail itself?  With his gramps?

This Chapter…

Lucy, unaware of Luxus’ return and the danger that he brings along with him is bothered on how to let ends meet even just to pay for the month’s rent.  She couldn’t rely as much to her friends for they all have their businesses to take care of, Grey, Erza, and Natsu who’s still feeling the aftereffects of the aetherion he took back in Gerard’s arc.  Lucy thought she just have to find a job by herself!

With Natsu’s scarf on hand, noticing it was crude, she decided to wash it for him.  Back inher house, she made herself up and went to bed only to find out Natsu had slept with her!  If he’s not that sick and all, Lucy might have kicked him out of bed but it is pointless at his current state.  Happy and Natsu came for the scarf he left, the one Igneel gave him and which hew holds preciuous.

The mention of Luxus being one of the strongest in the guild came about as Happy’s recollection of Natsu’s encounter with him before causing him in a situation  very much alike as the present after eating up Luxus’ lightning.  The thought of having a battle for the strongest at Fairy Tail surfaced but Lucy wouldn’t buy it as she is Miss Congeniality, but she’s determined to enter the the Miss Fairy Tail pageant on the Magnolia Festival for the 500,000 jewels prize!  So much for not competing with friends!

What seems like a jest may become a reality as Fried, Bixlow and Evergreen are on their way back to Fairy Tail!  Luxus bodyguards, the Raijinshuu!

Master Makarov’s festive aura upon knowing of Luxu’s untimely prsence in the guild turned sour.  What really had happened between him and Luxus who’d had a change of heart?

A fairy versus fairy battle is at hand!


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