Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Fairy Tail: Chapter 105 October 3, 2008

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The Chapter goes by the title: “This Man: Luxus.”

I was wondering where I’ve seen him before in the early Fairy Tail Chapters and then as I read on, I realized he was that Master Makarov’s grandson and if I’m not mistaken the one to inherit or be the next master of the guild.

Though Luxus wasn’t seen much in battle or maybe he’s just off to do some jobs but it’s kinda refreshing to know that he cares for Fairy Tail a lot and even would go into trouble defending it!  Not to mention, he’s one hell a hot character but I’m in love with Natsu forever! :P  Oozing hot indeed! He can summon lightning from underground!  Very cool!

Meanwhile, Lluvia is serious!  She’s making everything possible to score some points against Lucy from her make believe rivalry towards Grey! Yahaha!

And when did Erza became meticulously fashion conscious? She sure did changed a lot!  But she hasn’t complained with that ill-fitting bunny suit she had had before! XD

Oh no! What happened to my Natsu?  He wouldn’t even eat fire, a post aetherion side effect?  Come on Natsu!

And wait a minute, Gazille, is he seriously taking some jobs for Fairy Tail?  That’s something new and worth looking forward too.  He wasn’t a bad guy after all making every effort to get closer to his new nakamas. Remember him singing Shubidoba?  His own way of saying, I’ve changed!

And what’d F?  Luxus, I was wrong about him!  He’s the pathetic one, that selfish, egoistic asshole!  Could he be the cause of another Fairy Tail Guild downfall? He’s taken on Gazille who I guess has reformed much ever since joining FT and only wanted to get recognized!  He could have given back some blows on Luxus too! Grrr!  No wonder he isn’t Makarov’s favorite grandson! *snickers*


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