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xxxHOLiC: Chapter 166 September 25, 2008

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So, Watanuki’s lady client has a very complicated case indeed!  She can cook exactly like a pro and any recipe for that matter but she doesn’t want to eat what she cooked!  She found it disgusting!

If that’s the case, there’s no need for Watanuki to coach her to cook and that made him worry.  He could not help her at all.

Troubled, he thought of drinking sake and ended at at Doumeki’s place.  How nice, they do look like very good friends!  They haven’t been rude to each other, I mean the usual bickering until the end of the chapter! :)

Doumeki revealed what he has felt upon eating that food which the woman had cooked the last time.  He sensed nothing from that cooking and could barely identify the nature of  whomever made it.  Is it whether the cook was human or not?

I was wondering why Watanuki did go to Doumeki’s temple when he easily confides directly to Yuuko about these stuff and besides, it was Yuuko who had accepted the client for him.  But most certainly, Doumeki give Watanuki some wisdom to ponder upon.  Something about senses and feelings.

Mokona reminded Watanuki about how not remembering does not totally erase the memories of a person. The mind might forget but the body always remembers. In his case, he can’t taste food for he can’t really describe it as he had forgotten how to but his body, his senses still lingers and he hasn’t one bit lost his expertise when it comes to taste.  Poor Watanuki.

Maybe the thought did moved him to decide and help that woman to get to eat her own cooking.  But the question is would he succeed?

What if that woman isn’t really human?  This isn’t a typical case indeed.

And Watanuki moving forward? To where? For what?


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