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Vampire Knight: Chapter 43 September 21, 2008

Click here to read!

Click here to read!

That was absolutely amazing!  Hah! I’m so out of breath really!

As promised, this chapter is much longer than the usual with about 50 pages with lots of shiny colored extras.  Domo arigato, Hino sensei! *-*

Shiawase da wa! XD

At the start of the chapter, my Pureblood fantasy has showcased a bit of his real powers and showed the Vampire Council whose supreme and he can do transformations!  A bat!  With one flick of his fingers, he had turned those scheming council members into ashes!

Kaname wasn’t the bad guy some thought he was!  He’s on the good side and maybe he wanted to cleanse the whole vampire race from those rotten some only for Yuuki!  He knew he had to do this sooner or later but because he might have sensed something such as Rido’s revival that he considered letting it be a little longer just the same…for Yuuki!  How sweet! :3

The battle with Rido was further elaborated in here and the supposedly serious mood we expected was lightened by Yuuki and Aidou’s comic which I found so cool!  Even vampires have their playtime huh?!

Kain & Ruka as well as Shiki and Rima were also featured here a bit.

And what could have Shiki felt when he saw his father on battle with Zero?  Pity, despise? Or could it be that he’s already expecting it would end up with this?  I’m no mind reader but he’s a useless father anyway and if I were him I’d be glad so I wouldn’t be called Rido’s puppet now!

We are also amazed with the Kaname-Takuma friendship when Kaname’s about to crush Ichiou!  Kind-hearted Takuma-kun deserves real friendship and trust from Kaname-sama!  But does he plan to perish with his grandfather?  I hope not or many Day Class girls would go out wild!

Just a thought, the Council is not so powerful after all! They, Ichiou especially had Rido then as their hidden weapon that we all thought they were like untouchables posing a threat to Kaname but they’re all useless chickens on the long run! ;)

This could be the end of the Rido arc just like Sagakure had mentioned in her LJ.

Is Rido no more?

But something else has just started stirring up!

Zero vs. Yuuki? O.o


9 Responses to “Vampire Knight: Chapter 43”

  1. fayechan Says:

    i have mixed emotions on this chapter, i suddenly felt sorry for rido, now i finally understand the reason from what he became. He love juuri so much, he killed her and haruka not because of power but because he doesn’t want to see her precious juuri end up with his bother haruka. i was touched by his words asking juuri ” WHY CAN’T YOU LOVE ME?” WHY IS THAT I’M MISSING” ALL I WANT FOR YOU IS TO LOVE ME?” Why Why and lots of Why. my tears fell on his words, and i believed that he wanted to die on juuris hand. i also find it romantic seing him caressing yuukis face before he vanish. :(

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    i don’t comprehend either why some people would go extreme to the point of their self-destruction and all for love?

    if that’s the case then rido’s not alone, kaname has been doing that ever since and continually is…for Yuuki. :3

  3. chibihitsuji Says:

    *squeeeeee* Kaname and Zero bedsheets!!!! *faints* You’d think the parents of fangirls would object to a semi naked Zero bedsheet or a uber gorgeous Kaname one…*coughs* So cool…and I loved chapter 43 also…It was intense as most VK chappies are…especially when Kaname killed all the Council Members and when it looked like Zero and Yuki would have a battle…

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    yes, they’re really sexy but i’m a Kaname fetish! he’s really hot as in hot without going naked and all! *drools*

  5. fayechan Says:

    you know what? i’m afraid that the love triangle of haruka/juuri/rido will be repeated by zero/yuuki/kaname worst of worst end up something like rido. (gosh what am i thinking?) sometimes rido reminds me of kaname, his coldness, his saddness everything. kaname love yuuki but there is a big hindrance and that is zero. he wanted to have yuuki but yuuki doesn’t want to leave zero behind. she love kaname but she cares deeply to zero. and that made kaname more distress. To think that he killed vampires without hesitations just for yuuki’s sake. so what is the difference between him and rido? I love kaname so much, that i am afraid that he will end up like rido. i just want him and yuuki to live happily. This chap is really painful for me, not that i don’t like it but because this chap is full of distress and i don’t want to read it twice. one deep wound is enough for me.

  6. Fairchild_13 Says:

    let’s just cling to the hope that Kaname would go victorious in the end and Yuuki would snap out of her pity towards Zero. I also hope that Zero would be man enough in accepting the truth that she and Yuuki are impossible together…he already did swore that with his life as Kaname’d let him live to protect Yuuki while his hands were tied up and is allowed to move on for only that purpose.

  7. Fairchild_13 Says:

    …in accepting the truth that *she* and Yuuki…

    *he* what the heck? i suck at spellings today! :)

  8. Stephanie Says:

    Ok so is Vampire Knight a book? I really love the series, sadly I cannot watch it on television… and I can only watch it in sections on youtube, this spoils my enjoyment of the storyline. Do you know any good websites where I can watch the whole Vampire Knight series and does the fan book come in English?
    I have just recently found it and I really love it!
    Thanks a whole Bunch

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Hi Stephanie Vampire Knight comes in manga volumes and most with English translations already but I doubt with the fanbook I bought it in Japanese. There are streaming sites like Crunchyroll hosting the anime and other sites like Anilinkz and many others. While Youtube gives you fun in partial, they run like the whole episode which you can watch in marathon. You’d just need a good internet connection in order to do that. Hope this helps. ^^

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