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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 199 September 20, 2008

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Arggh! CLAMP, you’re doing that again!  How could you not show Shaoran’s face! ;_((

Is it just me who wanted to see Cardcaptor Sakura’s Shaoran and Sakura as well?  I really wanted to know what happened to them!  I do think a sequel to the  CCS  series wouldn’t hurt and I’ll think they’ll sell off the shelves just like hot cakes!

Moe, my all time favorite couple! They’re so cuuuute! XD

I wouldn’t mind seeing faces similar to Tsubasa’s Sakura and Syaoran because they are of the same souls.  Maybe Shaoran really is a responsible father right now and I just can’t believe he and Sakura ended up together! Like I have no idea that they’re destined and all! CLAMP is indeed genius, so it wouldn’t be that hard! *hehe*

How come Tsubasa’s chapter releases were quite fast right now, but nevertheless I like it!

OMG, what is this…?  We’re back to where the novel started, at Syaoran’s place!  The happenings are almost the same as the what we thought it was back in the first chapter but there are a lot of things that were kept out of the loop.

Things such as:

  • Sakura was already waiting when Syaoran arrived.
  • It wasn’t from the ruins did Syaoran came back from but from another country said to be having the cure for Princess Sakura’s curse.
  • They weren’t outside when Sakura almost confess and it was right before her seventh birthday and so forth. *Maybe you just need to read them, already had many spoilers!*

What I do like with the recent chapters releases is that, though CLAMP is doing the flashbacks, I mean they’ve done it in real-time once again.  They might have heard my protest! Haha!

Now, that the wing-seal is growing, what Syaoran could have done?  Obviously, he was unsuccessful in a sense that Sakura has been taken by Fei Wong or else how could he have made a clone out of her if that wasn’t the case.

The series get’s all winding and heating up at the same time!  Let’s just be patient and wait where all these would lead to.


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