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unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Fairy Tail: Chapter 103 September 20, 2008

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Fairy Tail has a new home!

Err, looks like an academy to me!  But it really is impressive!

It’s some kind of uplifting to come home and be greeted by something new.  Natsu, Erza, Grey and Lucy really felt a new beginning.  A short-lived bliss?

Check out the Guild’s newest members!  Lluvia of the Phantoms and Gazille who was once one of Master Jose’s minions!

Cool new features were added to the once wrecked guild structure.  A shop selling miniatures, with removable clothes!  Hmm… Mr. Mashima is kinda like a pervy guy! Hehehe

There’s more to expect from now on with these new stuff and all, thing’s just got exciting!

Read Chapter 103 and see.


One Response to “Fairy Tail: Chapter 103”

  1. Hei did u know Mirajane’s song perform in the stage, I’v been looking for it, or it’s only a poetry or something from Hiro Mashima

    post or msg to my website, thanks

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