Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 64 September 11, 2008

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Kyaaa!!  I’ve been wating for this, I know we all are!

What we feared the last time that Haruhi was kidnapped was really true!  Haruhi was kidnapped!

But wait a moment, a mistaken identity? No, kidnapped unintentionally!

It’s really amazing how the Host Club jumped in right away to save her.  Kyouya as usual is in display of his influence bringing along body guards and stuff to the chase!

And Tamaki!  I have never seen him so worried like that, he just left blindedly to go after Haruhi!  My Tama-chan hero, sugoi!

Funny thing is, Hikaru won’t lose either!  They really are going nuts about Haruhi.  So sweet, I like Hikaru but I do like Tamaki best for Haruhi.  *sorry!*

Obviously, Haruhi is one penniless being, well not totally but at least her family has just enough to feed for themselves and not that suitable as a kidnapping target but at least we knew it was a huge mistake.

It’s just the culprits’ way to get the Suoh family’s attention ~~ business related.  They went out of laundry business blaming the Suohs but they should have taken all these in a proper forum, just as Tamaki had said.  So, they really aren’t pro kidnappers!  Thank goodness!

How emotional Tamaki was!  Maybe now he had finally an idea of his true feelings towards Haruhi and to think Haruhi has somehow hinted about her feelings towards him as well!

Ah I’ll really thank you ootoro!!!

Poor Hikaru, he’s really aching but no matter how much I wanted Haruhi to be his but with Tamaki around he has not a chance!  Wouldn’t he consider me instead, I wonder? *hihi!*

Finally, that suspicious Suoh lawyer Kousaka, I thought she was responsible for the kidnapping but however, it showed that she has more motive following Tamaki around!

OMG!  Could it be?  She talks about Tamaki, what had happened that day and something about moving the rich kid into the main mansion?!!

Maybe Tamaki’s grandma was spying on him all aloing wanting to see him grow up, prove himself and be capable to be called one of the Suohs and that she actually have accepted him in the end!!  I really hope so…!

For Tamaki, please let it be!  I want to see him happy.


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