Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Fairy Tail: Chapter 102 September 11, 2008

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Click here to read!

It’s like a deep breath before the plunge; the quiet before the storm.

Where were these guys once again?  I seem to forgot but I guess they were at a place close from where the R-System tower was situated once mingling like they were normal people!

This is the first time I’ve seen them interact with people other than themselves except for that “search for the fake Salamander arc” where Natsu made a great ruckus back then and chanced to meet Lucy.

Chapter 102 is presented in such a happy and festive mood to begin with but it ended in an emotional farewell! :-{

Looking back at Chapter 101, I have the notion that the whole Zeref thing isn’t over yet and that Erza’s former nakamas who have gone missing is not coincidental.  It was planned hinting from the time they had a little celebration to themselves.  They weren’t planning to stay at all!

Mr. Mashima I guess is good at backing up his story really well coupled with fantastic twists whch could easily be proven and he doesn’t leave many questions hanging.

I never knew Natsu could create great fireworks and so are pervy Grey *he’s quite decently dressed, though and I bet he’s itching to take all those off! hahah* and lame Lucy too!   I would be touched and decide not to leave if I were the three.

But what the heck?!  Urtear is the shadow gamester? and who is she talking to?  I think this will have to do with her mom!  *goes to read earlier chapters*  It isn’t like Zeref was the one talking to her since he was in slumber as Urtear revealed!

Urtear. who’s mom met her demise…somewhere in a battle…to gain power for herself…?  Sheez, blame my poor memory, I’ll do some back reading soon! :(  But I think she was the unknown daughter of someone and now is up to her revenge!

So, poor Gerard!  Dumb, Innocent him, believing Zeref and all was brainwashed!  Such a wasted life but there’s no mention about his body and what happened to him after the system exploded so there might be a slim chance to see him alive in the future chapters.  Just a speculation.

Wrapping up, in the next chapter, maybe Natsu and Erza’s group will be returning to the guild and it would be another worrisome wait of what would happen next now another villain had surfaced!


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