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Hear Ye, Hear Ye VK Fans! September 9, 2008

I was at Mangafox Community today…

Guess what???! *drum rolls* Tadaaaaah!

Famous Lala Magazine’s latest Vampire Knight Poll Results!

According to Kaname25Lover’s forum post, here’s the outcome of the said public opinion poll recently and I qoute:

Hmm…shouldn’t it be right if I’d rather say Vampire Knight-otakus instead? *hehe*

Click to enlarge!

Now for the details…

Q1. Who is your personal favorite ?

  • Kaname (3235 points)
  • Zero (3008 points)
  • Yûki (2128 points)
  • Takuma (1026 points)
  • Senri (756 points)
  • Idou (450 points)
  • Cain (435 points)

Q2. Who would you like to drink your blood?

  • Kaname (972 points)
  • Zero (465 points)
  • Takuma (228 points)
  • Senri (155 points)
  • Idô (98 points)
  • Cain (88 points)

Q3. Who would you like as your lover?

  • Kaname (769 points)
  • Zero (506 points)
  • Takuma (203 points)
  • Cain (185 points)
  • Senri (146 points)
  • Idô (98 points)

Q4. Who would you like as your brother or sister?

  • Zero (288 points)
  • Takuma (264 points)
  • Idô (260 points)
  • Senri (206 points)
  • Yûki (198 points)
  • Cain (194 points)
  • Rima (189 points)
  • Kaname (160 points)

Wow! Just look at that!

Our beloved Pureblood King Kaname topped it all mostly at a large margin! Rejoice dear Kaname minions! XD

I care less that otakus find Kaname not that brotherly image for he’s too hot for the role and his beauty and radiance would be such a waste if ever that’s the case so it’s not really worth a fuss! :P

Who wouldn’t want to be his lover?  He’s damn too sexy even as he sucks blood!

Oh, Kaname take mine all you want! XDD

As for the “my personal favorite” there’s nothing to argue about!

Ureshii! *faints with joy*


5 Responses to “Hear Ye, Hear Ye VK Fans!”

  1. Well i was shocked to see my post here, but it’s good to see the kaname love. Just thought i’d say hi! go kaname!

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    That goes with proper credits as well :) Thanks!

  3. Shuurei Kuragari` Says:

    kaname!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
    the love of my life <3
    I really did fall in love with his charm, mysteriousness and passion!

    I’m glad he topped it! the only thing is, I’d totally with him be my brother! (and Mate XD)

  4. abalo Says:

    wow i love zero and kename both as equal

  5. spica Says:

    zero is far more passionate than kaname, Love u zero. I think kaname is more brotherly than Zero.

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