Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

xxxHOLiC: Chapter 164 September 6, 2008

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What a relief!  I so thought that lady Watanuki is to coach cooking with looks normal and acts normal, I guess.

In this same chapter, I noticed how Watanuki has softened a bit with Doumeki when usually he’d be so harsh with him, though he still get pissed everytime…!

Wee! Watanuki’s not wearing his glasses anymore!  I suppose his innocence before was symbolized by the glasses he wore on and since he’s gone matured in many ways then so maybe it goes as far as the the point where he doesn’t need his glasses anymore to see things right.  He’s cute! o.O

And Himawari, why a sudden weary face? ~ just a glimpse though ~ but is something going on with her?


What was wrong with Doumeki?  He surely got much appetite when he usually eat tons of Watanuki’s cooking?!  He might have recognized that it wasn’t Watanuki’s cooking at all!  Such delicate senses!

And since Watanuki admitted it was done by that strange lady client, what could Doumeki be thinking?  What was that he tasted and felt to make him react something like that?

So, there is a mystery after all!  Something’s cooking indeed!

But this week’s chapter is so short! :(


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