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Vampire Knight Novel September 6, 2008

Ice Blue No Tsumi This Way!

In the advent of Vampire Knight’s 7th volume release last April, another novel was launched alongside it.

Based on the Matsuri Hino‘s original creation, an author named Ayumi Fujisaki wrote the “Vampire Knight: Ice Blue No Tsumi” which may bear various English translations but I’d rather use “The Sin of Ice Blue” since many were using the same.

It consists of 196 pages with illustrations by Ms. Hino and it came with a tankobon-like packaging just like a regular manga which cover could be found left.

The story’s plot falls within the serie’s time line probably following the establishment of the Night Class at the Cross Academy.  Somehow, it’s some sort of a sealed past, a story within the story that was untold.

The book’s compilation also includes another story about Zero’s past ~~ “Setsuna no Toki” rather “A Moment in Time”

Unfortunately, there had been no English version released yet since it went available last April but for those that could understand Japanese you may be able to get a grab of it here.

Personally, I don’t want to read this because I have seen many fan translations and I can’t believe Kaname would possibly fall for another girl besides Yuuki! ;((

I bet the girl’s name here was Fuuka! Noooooooo!

Was she the reason why he only visits Yuuki once in a blue moon before, because he’s so busy with girls?!  I’m gonna hate him for that so I decided I wouldn’t read it for hell’s sake or else his image would look tainted to me. *I’m a Kaname-Yuuki die hard just for the record! XD*

The second story would be okay since it was when Zero was still a young boy, training to be a hunter and his friend Kaito in their somewhat quest to be a skilled hunter.

Okay, I actually read the translations but… I’m having goosebumps right now remembering what I’ve read! Darn it, my heart’s aching so miserably! :_{

I was wondering if I should quote here the translations I happen to find around here.  *lost in a deep thought*

Well, I guess it won’t hurt but no! Bleh! :P


Vampire Knight: Noir No Wana is here!


38 Responses to “Vampire Knight Novel”

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  3. Stranger Says:

    Calm down. Kaname wasn’t in love with that girl. She was infact infactuated with Kaname, but later she fell in love with Aidou. She was just another day class student. She died at the end of the novel though.

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Really? Have you read all of it? I’m so glad! :) What a relief, phew! Thanks for the info! XD

  5. kazuya Says:

    Yeah, Fuuka liked Kaname at first, but its definitely NOT FuukaXKaname. And yeah, she’s dead.

  6. Unknown Says:

    hey stranger, hey kaguya,

    where did u read the translation?

    i want to read it. XD

    if u put the link here, thnx, if not, itsk. tho i’d appreciate it if u do.

  7. fayechan Says:

    pewwwww, that’s a relief i thought kaname would possible fall inlove with the girl except yuuki (thank G) okay now i’m alive hehehe

  8. […] wrote the “Vampire Knight: Ice Blue No Tsumi” so there.. here is the link to that info: Vampire Knight Novel Fairchild’s Raging Domain anyways.. if you love vampire knight that much (like me) and is bothered by this then just consider […]

  9. CrescentMoon Says:

    Hey i have been searching everywhere 4 Ice Blue No Tsumi but i cant find d scanlations or d detailed review anywhere!!! Please help me out here!I’m dying to read it!

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      My apologies CrescentMoon but neither do I. I think it wouldn’t be scanlated since it is a novel in the first place and includes a few illustrations and the only quick summary I could find is the link I had here. Please click on the pic and be directed there. =) Hope this helps.

  10. Anna Says:

    oh my god, what a relief. After you say that Kaname was in love with Fuuka, I felt a sudden sharp pain piercing me. Luckily, it was not true if not my impression and love for Kaname all this while will be shattered into pieces. Phew!

  11. jiayiashlyn Says:

    Is it really not possible for us to read the light novels of vk? I’m so dying to read it. And i saw someone(i forget where) post the the first story of ice blue sins buts its only half of the story! The person said that she download the novels from somewhere.

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I guess there’s no helping it. Maybe you’ve seen this [ link ] ? There are also a lot lately with almost the same content. Actually there are two light novels in stores right now but I still haven’t seen the other except the cover. :(

  12. jiayiashlyn Says:

    i see. Yeah,somehow the story is the same. The light novels are available now right? Is it available in singapore?

  13. Ichiro Shinsaki Says:

    … What’s the risk? If you want to read the novel, just grab a book from a book store and read. For those who are in other parts of the world, try… waiting…

  14. ~vampire knight fan~ Says:

    hey go to dis site it but it only has a part of d novel http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-256247/Vampire-Knight-Novel.html

  15. fAiRy VaMpIrE Says:

    thanks for the information about vampire knight that you wrote here. but i just want to know where can i download the novel, after translate into english of course…
    i hope you don’t mind give me information for that…
    thank you….

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Sorry but I have no idea where to get the scans unless you are to buy it online in raw Japanese since obviously nobody has translated the whole text in full. But I’ll update if I can find one. :)

  16. Mimiko ♥ Says:

    awww.. Fuuka seem to be a really interest character though. Too bad you all were against it at the very start lol. And I think this novel were just some kind of fanservice’s dream o.O! I mean, it sound like a story like fiction as if you step into the vamprie world and then there were all those love story you wanted to happen XD! (I honestly read something simliar to this somewhere before o.O)

  17. Amu4Aidou Says:

    If that was her reaction to Kaname I Don’t wanna see her reaction when she falls for Aidou-kun!! Im way to obsessed with him.. Im crying just thinking about it!!

    Thanks for the links though guys!!

  18. Stacy Says:

    Oh goshh thank you!! I was gonna die if that f*ckin girl and Kaname …. !!!!!!!

    Wheeeew! I still love my Kaname. Thank you!

    Kaname & Yuki FOREVER!

  19. haiyeee Says:

    I dont know if i should read it or not…

  20. irani Says:

    cool novel

  21. tash Says:

    i know she dies but while she was alive,does aido fall for fuuka?

    not just fuuka falling for aido but does he get feelings for her aswell?

  22. Shadow_Kiss Says:

    Are the light novels even like the manga? Because I’m not so keen on reading manga but I will if the light novels arent like them…or when and if they ever come out with a third season of VK. So can someone enlighten me on that matter?

  23. Stacy Says:

    I read first few (fan translated) pages! Hell yea that story of Kaname’s past made my heart ache too! I didn’t want to read the novel; I hated it! Because I like Kaname too much.

  24. Kaitlin :] Says:

    Umm yeah, sorry to barge in but Kaname is just a supporting character in this story. The ones that actually have something going on are Aido-sempai and the day-class girl, Fuuka. The story is very beautiful even though it made me cry in the end, so I recommend it to anybody. :'(

    PS: Don’t worry, Kaname doesn’t betray Yuuki, and he’s still single at that time too soo ;)

  25. kuroi-chan Says:

    if kaname likes some one else then that means zero x yuki has a chance yay!

  26. kuroi-chan Says:

    in my heart zero and yuki are forever. i dont want kaname with his sister yuki

  27. kuroi-chan Says:

    in my heart zero and yuki are forever. i dont want kaname with his sister yuki T^T

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