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Vampire Knight Season 2 Official Trailer August 28, 2008

Vampire Knight ~ Guilty ~

TV Tokyo.

6th October 2008.


Our world will be drenched once again in blood as Matsuri Hino’s creation, Vampire Knight the 2nd Season Animation premieres!

VK fans have been patiently waiting for this and now we could see dear Kaname, Zero and Yuuki in full colored motion!

Weeeee! XDD

Though we’ve been closely following the series with its manga releases and even watched the first season anime installation a while back and despite the fact that we have quite the idea of what Vampire Knight chapters will be covered this season, I still am excited!

I bet there are many must see scenes here too or maybe there are a lot of twists that are about to happen here a little opposite in the manga.

‘Seen Ichiru in ponytail too!  and Kaname…he’s all over it!  Kyaaaa!

A while ago I visited the VK’s official website and saw the second season trailer!  I suppose it has been there for several days but I saw it just now! I hope I’m not too late! :[[

But anyways, I tried to look for the same so here goes:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vampire Knight Guilty.

Can’t wait! XD *anticipating*


17 Responses to “Vampire Knight Season 2 Official Trailer”

  1. Tokyosista Says:

    Eeeee…I can’t wait! ^_____^ I love Kanon’s Wakeshima’s song the new season as well. :3

  2. sAkUrA Says:

    ,.,i CaNt w8 FoR ThE sEaSoN 2!!!!!!
    ,.,I ReAlLy2 LoVe iT!~!
    ,., i eNJoY wAtchInG It!
    ,.,i lOvE zErO!!!!
    ,.,aNd aLsO kAnAmE SaMa!!
    ,.,yUkI Is sO PrEaTy!!
    ,.,ShE LoOkS LiKe mE!!!
    ,.,ZeRo iS MoRe cUtE tHaN ToYa iN ‘aYaShI NI CeRes!’

  3. sAkUrA Says:

    ,.,PlEaSe sEnD Me a cOmMeNt WHeN ThE SeASoN 2 Is aLrEaDy dOnE!
    ,.,’CoZ I ReLlY CaNt w8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,., iLOvE ThE OpEnInG SoNg!
    ,.,WhAtS It tItLe!?

  4. fayechan Says:

    But for me the 1st season opening theme is the Best Futatso No Kodou To Akai Tsumi. i even memorized the line hehehe. i sang it every morning actually. hahaha

  5. Vampiress Knight Says:

    I love Vampire Knight!!!=o Can’t wait for Season 2!!!!!!!! =()

  6. Michelle Says:

    it going be good

  7. its so cool! i think i’m going to love vampire knight season 2 more than vampire knight season 1

  8. its going to be very good^^

  9. Denise Says:

    uff season 2 is gonna b gr8 im so excited lol

    i love zero!!
    && da funny blonde 1 lol

    neway thanx 4 da trailer cant w8!


  10. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Vampire Knight Guilty has already been running and two of the episodes were already aired!

    Watch the episodes here at my posts under the category Vampire Knight Guilty @ https://fairchildonrage.wordpress.com/category/choicest-anime-list/vampire-knight-guilty-choicest-anime-list/

  11. xxVampire_Empressxx Says:

    Vampire knight is amazing!!!! I just can’t wait for the rest of season 2.
    I luv zero,
    and the chairman and the blonde dude!!!! (they r soo funny) ^_^

  12. khwanrat1234 Says:

    Vampire Knight Guilty love >_<

  13. mijheid Says:

    best anime ever!!!

  14. LCKY 24 Says:

    How do we know when Vampire Knight season 2 will be selling its anime in other countries like Malaysia for instance, cause I’m waiting my ass for the cd!!! (n_n)??

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