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Fairy Tail: Chapter 100 August 28, 2008

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My, my! I’m so surprised with the outcome following the 99th chapter where we all thought Erza would actually die!!

I was thinking she’d be a sacrifice but I was amazed…how did Natsu saved her?

My predictions for this chapter were all trashed, but I am happy that her character wasn’t killed in the story unlike many predictions I’ve read.

What’s certain among my expectations is that Erza would turn out alive and unscathed!  And furthermore, I always thought Natsu to be her ‘Knight in Shinning Armor’ or should I say ‘Dragon Knight in Shinning Scales Armor’? *heheh* which was held true considering how many times did he save her.

Hmm…I am a bit dismayed for I expected more from this chapter looking on the teaser way back.

Sorry, ‘got a little carried away! XD

You see, there are a lot of colored pages and they’re really nice but I expected the chapter to be a lot longer.  Maybe a chapter of more than 30 pages still left me wanting for more…!  It’s just me I guess.

At least we were fed with a flashback on Erza’s past and my wondering how did she get her eyes healed when it was with some sort of an eyepiece before, thankfully was answered and we also did find out how was it restored.

One thing I’m so eager to know about is that, what did Natsu do in order to get them both out in that deadly mess?!  Nah…each chapter leaves me hanging each time but overall it’s a very nice one, good transition and worth following! :)

Finally, I really wanna know how Natsu feels now for Erza.  Was it just because she’s a comrade or ‘nakama’ for that matter?  Or had he developed a more intimate affection for her to the point that he’s up to saving her over and over again.

I really hope to see more developments on this aspect though! *Sigh*

To tomorrow!  Cheers!


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