Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

xxxHOLiC: Chapter 163 August 22, 2008

Click here to read!

Click here to read!

Still caught up in the conversation with Haruka, however we’ve discovered something really awesome considering Doumeki’s attitude! :)  He only would eat one thing unless he really wanted it and he likes Watanuki’s cooking!

About this, there are some thoughts floating about my head pppft! XD  Should I say it?

Clue…Something fishy…okay I’ll spill!

Maybe CLAMP is insinuating some kind of special realtionship with the two, Doumeki and Watanuki — not in some friendly sort of way but kinda man to man attraction or what!  Forgive me, my mind’s dirty hehe! :P  But honestly it looks like it.

I really am enjoying each time they bicker with each other :))  And the things they’ve been through in the past are not simple things to just throw away considering the bond they have made out of those occurrences.

And Yuuko’s outfit, wow!  She’s the best dressed manga/anime character I have ever seen.  Such lavish, intricately decorated and all unique designed outfit of hers really rocks!  She is really fit to be called the Witch of Dimensions.

CLAMP could have been excellent dress designers, agreed?!

Now, Watanuki’s finally headed for a cooking lesson!

But what is this?  Maybe Watanuki was lead into another dimension?  Remember, he could not find the exact address until Mokona took scene.

I suspect like I said last time that this isn’t gonna be a simple cooking venture.  None of Yuuko’s customers are normal right? Hehe!  And why is Mokona there, when all it takes when cooking is Watanuki’s expertise, if it’s not something odd’s gonna happen at all!

And that strange girl…her hair, her aura, scarrrry!  One look at her, I think her hair looks like Medusa, hair of snakes!  Eww!  Or maybe not?


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