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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 197 August 22, 2008

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Wow, thanks CLAMP for at last a new refreshing chapter! But a long break after? Whatever.

Two lives. Two futures. Syaoran has the key to them all with each decision he comes up with — his choices. Poor him, what sin had he committed to deserve such pains in life?

In this chapter, he decided to ask Yuuko a pass back to Clow country that he may save Sakura. The price, his happiness and the possibility of not returning to his own world and he may never see his parents ever again! Huhu! It pains me to think of it but, though Syaoran felt it too, I am impressed with his strength to give up everything just for the purpose…a promise to protect.

Now, what did Yuuko mean with “A choice where either option brings a painful future”? Could it be that if Syaoran chooses to save Sakura, he will still have pains in his heart from the parting with his parents forever. And if he choose to let things be and let Sakura die and go back to his own world he’d still bleed… for it might be that he already loved Sakura? Hah! Choices.

And where does Watanuki fall in? Still groping here! :((

Okay no Tsubasa for the next two weeks…I hope more exciting episodes to come and can we see Fye already? :P


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