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Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 63 August 12, 2008

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Ootoro! Ah errr, kyaa!

Once again, we were dragged into Tamaki’s ever sad past and the unhappiness binding him up to the present.

Huhu, his life was like a sad roleplay afterall and I pity his father the same :_(( *he doesn’t like this kind of life for his son, right?*. Geeze, that grumpy, evil grandmother of his! But, let’s hope for the best. It isn’t gonna be like this forever right?

As always, the Host Club rejoices on simpler things, a shallow measure of happiness like exchanging obento with Haruhi?! And Kyouya, the ‘shadow king’ always finds a way to spice things up!

Hikaru on the other side, to mask his melancholy as a result of having been rejected by Haruhi, keeps on provoking Tamaki to help him realize his true feelings toward the girl in question. How manly, yeah, ‘real man’ is his middle name alright and a good sport at that! Cheers, Hikaru!

Upon his lead, they all went to join the competition and each determined to win for Haruhi — the ‘who-can-make-Haruhi-happiest-at-the-shops-at-Asasuka-Temple-game’!

I guess, it was a way to show how they support her and a push to Tamaki as well.
A wonder why everyone knows how he feels for Haruhi yet he’s too ignorant of his own feelings. Wake up Tamaki! Ugh!

Hmm…what’s this? I thought for one moment Tamaki’s gonna confess to Haruhi! So, he’s been having some fleeting thoughts on how he feels about her but it’s always been spoiled by the ‘family’ thing as he considered the club one. Can’t blame him for he wants to fill the lack he has in his life though. And at times like this, Tamaki is shown to also have some serious and mature side too *but doesn’t last long, tehee!*. He’s an idiotic type like Haruhi thinks he is! :))

I assume Haruhi must have been waiting for Tamaki to make his move too and is quite dissapointed when he said otherwise. It might be a cue she ahd been waiting for her to decide on her feelings the same…just as he had bought her a commoner’s ootoro ring identical to his own! Sheesh, he missed again!

Wait, who’s had Haruhi abducted? Was it still a part of the club’s plan? It’s too incomprehensible to kidnap Haruhi who doesn’t have any riches! *tangible-wise, I mean*.

Maybe the plot is to kidnap her before Tamaki’s very eyes so that his heroic instincts and the feelings he long suppressed for Haruhi would finally surface. And if he would come to Haruhi’s rescue, she’ll realize she had the same thing going on for Tamaki. *just a few thoughts*

Or is there another ground?

Waah! How good it would be if Tamaki’s gonna snap out of his family thing idiocracy!

Moving on… *waits for the next chapter*


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