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xxxHOLiC: Chapter 162 August 8, 2008

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I’ve been away for just a day or two and it’s quite a very pleasing welcome for me today to have come across the newly released scanlations for xxxHOLiC…its the 162nd chapter!

Hmm…there’s not quite a suspense on this chapter for the part when Haruka and Watanuki had a conversation was also seen on the 12th or the 11th episode of the anime xxxHOLiC Kei *can vaguely recall*.

The only thing that holds my interest is that new customer Yuuko has…wishing to learn how to cook?! How will Watanuki handle this? Hmm…I suspect it would not just be a normal cooking lesson is it? Such a simple wish is a little doubtful — would like to find out soon!

As the anime ended in such an abrupt manner leaving a lot of loopholes and some enigmas behind I do think that the manga has another turning point this time basing on that “new customer”.

Besides, Yuuko’s shop still exists for ‘that’ very purpose, for the sake of the two futures. Maybe the manga will be still up until such time Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles finally will come to a conclusion. Though xxxHOLiC could stand on its own as an individual manga entity but it is still relevant while Tsubasa is running in order to back up the cross-over thingys between the two titles.

It’s nice to know that Watanuki has already grown matured and used to seeing unusual occurrences just like Haruka. But the funny thing is he still bickers with Doumeki a lot and Yuuko only is herself when she’s with Watanuki — that far from a Dimensional Witch image she has in Tsubasa *freaking serious but not with Kurogane, heheh*

Okay, next chapter please! :)


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